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Evidence choir. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream evidence choir. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

female choir 39
Meaning of the dream: obsessive jealousy

choir in church 4
Description: moody temperament

choir of angels 55
Interpretation of the dream: great future

choir of nuns 62
Translation: contrasts in love

choir of men 40
Dream description: feelings uncertain

choir in theater 13
Meaning: quarrels with colleagues

choir boys 2
Translation of the dream: good news

choir 22
Interpretation: good health

choir outdoors 66
Sense of the dream: beautiful surprise

choir singers 83
What does it mean: in labor disputes

children's choir 10
Meaning of the dream: to overcome apathy

friar in choir 50
Description: joy in possession

chorus of muses 5
Interpretation of the dream: good health

Capuchin friar in choir 7
Translation: self confidence

chorus of monks 67
Dream description: not allowed to express yourself

chorus of military 28
Meaning: happy hours

theatrical chorus 26
Translation of the dream: slander of women

sing in chorus 56
Interpretation: sorrows and sufferings

mountain chorus 71
Sense of the dream: benevolence and aid

evidence 70
What does it mean: harbinger of doom

proof of affection 28
Meaning of the dream: dangerous illusions

proof of friendship 14
Description: important agreements

canon in unison 50
Interpretation of the dream: sadness passing

friar cappuccino in choir 10
Translation: good wishes

supporting evidence 51
Dream description: intuitive faculty

apse with singers 26
Meaning: dangerous temptations

printing drafts 5
Translation of the dream: interesting work

hatred prove it 52
Interpretation: successful business

authenticate 49
Sense of the dream: will come true your forebodings

testing laboratory 5
What does it mean: issues in family

testing of engines 56
Meaning of the dream: great impressionability

require proof 62
Description: programs hindered

song 57
Interpretation of the dream: major transformation for your femininity

business directory 47
Translation: ill health

guide (conductor) 21
Dream description: listens to the suggestions of your friends

guide person 45
Meaning: listening to those who have more experience than you

military guide 65
Translation of the dream: proposals baffling

uncontrollable guide 58
Interpretation: you are not sure of the trust given to someone

mountain guide 26
Sense of the dream: you have to solve a problem with someone s car

horse guide 40
What does it mean: you will be happy in love

singing sweet 67
Meaning of the dream: intense activity

of excavations guide 45
Description: instability in the work

abandonment of guide 78
Interpretation of the dream: You are facing a change

English song 6
Translation: act without conviction

learn to sing 1
Dream description: sadness passing

a guide to Congress 23
Meaning: weighting and prudence

sing works 33
Translation of the dream: easy achievements

sing serenades 29
Interpretation: character lazy

sing in company 36
Sense of the dream: happy inspiration

singing at the academy 29
What does it mean: you need to be carefree

singing in church 22
Meaning of the dream: nature patient

consult a phone book 50
Description: your fate is improving in this period