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Entering a river. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream entering a river. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

entering the barracks 51
Meaning of the dream: thwarted love

entering a cave 68
Description: useful and necessary clarifications

entering a warehouse 6
Interpretation of the dream: new proposals

bee entering the hive 90
Translation: success

Epiphany entering the chimney 78
Dream description: love for the analysis

mare entering the house 42
Meaning: marries rich, young and beautiful

see swallows entering the house 47
Translation of the dream: News of Friends

look out over the river 81
Interpretation: secret pain

river 81
Sense of the dream: It will have little shrewdness in business

go up a river 18
What does it mean: concerns unfounded

go down a river 9
Meaning of the dream: income from a business

course of a river 6
Description: you have so much positivity

lowering of the river 81
Interpretation of the dream: impairment

river water 18
Translation: good omen

drown in the river 79
Dream description: next birth

riverbed of river 45
Meaning: compromised by accepting

cross a river 18
Translation of the dream: intimate satisfactions

bathe in the river 80
Interpretation: physical forces on the rise

boat on the river 46
Sense of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

dinghy on the river 16
What does it mean: disagreements with friends

jump in the river 6
Meaning of the dream: industrious compensated

embankment of a river 49
Description: benevolence and aid

wide river 71
Interpretation of the dream: progress of a project staff

lazy river 69
Translation: being gradually

deep river 1
Dream description: quarrels with relatives

dry river 86
Meaning: reckless conduct

swollen river 81
Translation of the dream: feverish activity

flooded river 25
Interpretation: obstacles and difficulties

river with boats 74
Sense of the dream: need for control action

pass on the river 49
What does it mean: businesses safe

take a bath in a river 15
Meaning of the dream: Big Gains

fall into a river 37
Description: threat of dangers

emptying into the river 11
Interpretation of the dream: painful setbacks

swimming in river 47
Translation: friendships unnecessary

fishing in the river 44
Dream description: moments of depression

fisherman on the river 15
Meaning: hopes achievable

river fish 71
Translation of the dream: family concerns

river port 52
Interpretation: demanding appointment

plunging into a river 12
Sense of the dream: work to streamline

rowing on the river 15
What does it mean: awareness of their value

River bank 81
Meaning of the dream: ambitions ambitious

river sand 61
Description: penis moral

mouth of a river 16
Interpretation of the dream: great news

fathom a river 43
Translation: adaptability

overflowing river 18
Dream description: economic disadvantage