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Enter the store. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream enter the store. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

enter the store 35

having a store 45

taken from a store 43

furnish a store 71
Translation: pedantry in business

cashier store 85
Dream description: Lost Illusions

store jealously 21
Meaning: original ideas

store items 5
Translation of the dream: oddities mood


inaugurate a store 54
Interpretation: dangerous passion

department of a store 22
Sense of the dream: wise reflection

sublet a store 76
What does it mean: risky business

exit a store 44
Meaning of the dream: conclusion of business

go out to the grocery store 78
Description: attitudes decided

Store toys 6

apparel store 44

manage store 82

tax store 32

inaugurate store 65

hardware store 3

expelled from the store 77

electronics store 8

enter the abbey 36
Meaning of the dream: honorable conduct

enter in agony 67
Description: ticklish situation

enter a bazaar 60
Interpretation of the dream: position compromised

enter the basilica 65
Translation: person loves you

enter shoemaking 28
Dream description: quarrels with relatives

enter room 30
Meaning: narrow escape


enter reeds 22
Translation of the dream: solution of a problem

enter the castle 8
Interpretation: bad speculations

enter the catacombs 78
Sense of the dream: spirit of sacrifice

enter the cave 15
What does it mean: fake friends

enter a church 19
Meaning of the dream: aids and facilities

enter a cloister 16
Description: desire for freedom

enter a contest 29
Interpretation of the dream: efforts unprofitable

enter a convent 12
Translation: frankness and generosity

enter the kitchen 30
Dream description: envy

enter the house 53
Meaning: return of loved one

enter the church 67
Translation of the dream: Closing activities

enter prison 56
Interpretation: joy in family

enter convalescence 81
Sense of the dream: change in circumstances

enter the cage 15
What does it mean: trouble coming

enter the race 76
Meaning of the dream: hassle by women

enter into an intrigue 76
Description: dangerous temptations

enter the pagoda 9
Interpretation of the dream: solution of a problem

enter paradise 90
Translation: large caps

enter the henhouse 80
Dream description: trouble with the neighbors

enter the puddle 10
Meaning: threads to avoid

enter rotisserie 40
Translation of the dream: good business

enter delicatessen 35
Interpretation: well directed initiatives

enter the sanatorium 49
Sense of the dream: unpleasant news

enter the seminary 74
What does it mean: friendships safe

enter a synagogue 50
Meaning of the dream: tendency to generosity

enter dump 78
Description: physical depression

enter into a treaty 30
Interpretation of the dream: high hopes

enter hovel 18
Translation: physical fatigue

enter the vestibule 31
Dream description: proposals concerned

enter from the balcony 88

many bees that enter the house 3
Translation of the dream: damage enemies

They sneak thieves enter the house 6
Interpretation: Safety in your business

dormer empty or used as storage 48
Sense of the dream: hatred secret

face a storm 9
What does it mean: weakness of character

Dawn stormy 42
Meaning of the dream: next trip

story 71
Description: business discussions

historical anecdote 77
Interpretation of the dream: business discussions

read story 9
Translation: infidelity of friends

framework of ancestor 71
Dream description: personal affirmation

ancestor speaking 47
Meaning: industrious recognized

ancestor laughing 28
Translation of the dream: new ideas to improve

paternal ancestor 10
Interpretation: perspicacity in business

maternal ancestor 12
Sense of the dream: ability to convince

ancestor smiling 15
What does it mean: requited love

ancestor weeping 71
Meaning of the dream: discussion controversy

ancestor frowning 43
Description: superficiality harmful

bee entering the hive 90
Interpretation of the dream: success

ship in the midst of a storm 60
Translation: creativity profitable