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Enemies companions. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream enemies companions. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

enemies 8
Meaning of the dream: enthusiasm

Wicker's enemies 31
Description: joy and good news

humiliate enemies 52
Interpretation of the dream: expedient sale

imprison enemies 71
Translation: future plans

defeat enemies 25
Dream description: unforeseeable event

chaining enemies 24
Meaning: unhappiness and damage

repel enemies 17
Translation of the dream: unpleasant adventures

forgive enemies 4
Interpretation: excessive spirit of contradiction

ambush enemies 73
Sense of the dream: proposals for new assignments

appearance of enemies 14
What does it mean: dangerous changes

kill enemies 21
Meaning of the dream: good business

chase enemies 74
Description: uncertain situation

taken from enemies 84
Interpretation of the dream: impediment

succumb to enemies 11
Translation: not be able to get by

fear enemies 27
Dream description: decisive meeting

surrounded by enemies 62
Meaning: pain, disunity

have many enemies 2
Translation of the dream: you feel persecuted for no reason

removal of enemies 90
Interpretation: lack of affection or you feel alone

beware of enemies 40
Sense of the dream: intense friendships

ambush of enemies 45
What does it mean: risk of theft

caress of enemies 41
Meaning of the dream: intellectual interests

meet with enemies 67
Description: rival unmasked

see enemies flee 55
Interpretation of the dream: situation is not resolved yet

arguing with enemies 37
Translation: missteps

wrangle with enemies 55
Dream description: deserved honors

plot by enemies 51
Meaning: melancholia

reconcile with enemies 26
Translation of the dream: interests to defend

alliance between enemies 79
Interpretation: increase physical energy

reconciliation with enemies 76
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

foes collide 61
What does it mean: struggles in family

free from the enemies 66
Meaning of the dream: insecurity and mistrust

make peace with enemies 50
Description: need for adaptation

gendarme with mates 7
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately variable

bad companion 68
Translation: wrong operations

companion orgies 13
Dream description: pains and sadness

discord among fellow 1
Meaning: birth of a child

companion 37
Translation of the dream: laziness and poverty

first mate 25
Interpretation: you are responsible for many people

good companion 70
Sense of the dream: generous enthusiasm

dirty companion 53
What does it mean: thwarted love

faithful companion 55
Meaning of the dream: self confidence

companion false 82
Description: correspondence unpleasant

animal that mates 1
Interpretation of the dream: demonstration of loyalty in the work

companion in misfortune 64
Translation: honest work

fight the enemy 60
Dream description: decide can already be a victory

bigamy your partner 27
Meaning: not all of you are enemies

room mates 11
Translation of the dream: quality yet to be expressed

school mate 56
Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

mate college 79
Sense of the dream: Good news

roommate 83
What does it mean: News coming soon

fellow student 43
Meaning of the dream: change the way we live