Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

endorse a certificate

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: endorse a certificate

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34 endorse a certificate
pension and savings

20 endorse
tormenting indecision

48 endorse a passport
novelty coming

63 endorse a card
next trip

84 endorse a letter
impromptu welcome

27 certificate
spontaneity and naturalness

42 birth certificate
spontaneity and naturalness

57 marriage certificate
lack of confidence

87 Death certificate
family conflicts

72 certificate of poverty
sudden sense of security

18 certificate of residence

43 medical certificate
good health

19 lose the certificate
malicious slander

27 find the certificate
moral success

44 request a certificate
falsehood by friends

47 validate a certificate

1 certificate of merit
lucky business

4 certificate of honor
change of environment

45 certificate of good conduct
satisfactions by letters

59 flower vendor
happy days

25 cloth vendor
discussions and unnecessary controversy