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Elephant given. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream elephant given. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead elephant 53
Meaning of the dream: states of malaise

taming an elephant 79
Description: commitment to fulfill

see an elephant 28
Interpretation of the dream: gratifying successes in battles

elephant at the circus 82
Translation: challenging journey

elephant's trunk 67
Dream description: sexual desires

ride an elephant 90
Meaning: difficult relations

elephant skull 25
Translation of the dream: do not forget something important

elephant at the zoo 86
Interpretation: right insight

elephant 53
Sense of the dream: strength and success

handkerchief given 45
What does it mean: fatality

given false 42
Meaning of the dream: uncontrolled reactions

given the world 88
Description: Passion for the game

given the extreme unction 33
Interpretation of the dream: important protections

white die 78
Translation: Useful relations

ivory 10
Dream description: misery

ivory white 78
Meaning: strong sense of responsibility

be discharged 7
Translation of the dream: you will fall into a trap

herd of elephants 60
Interpretation: strong personality

ivory casket 12
Sense of the dream: breaking agreements

carve ivory 19
What does it mean: businesses difficult

binoculars ivory 15
Meaning of the dream: necessity of submission

Chess ivory 28
Description: excessive arrogance

ivory button 1
Interpretation of the dream: injustice

ring ivory 61
Translation: Lies harmful

ivory box 35
Dream description: winning the game

veneered with ivory 18
Meaning: It has artistic sense

ivory cameo 11
Translation of the dream: treat yourself to a little rest

mouthpiece of ivory 44
Interpretation: unjust decisions

advised parents 26
Sense of the dream: peaceful relations

amulet of ivory 12
What does it mean: harmful gossip

advised at a higher 41
Meaning of the dream: incoming letter

be threatened with dismissal 11
Description: you are doing something wrong at work

stick with ivory knob 45
Interpretation of the dream: forebodings deceivers

recollect of a given 69
Translation: small malaise

threatened 58
Dream description: you feel persecuted

worked ivory 36
Meaning: confusion and difficulty

grinned 16
Translation of the dream: get tough leave, dismissal

accused acquitted 72
Interpretation: agreements that are successful

granted 36
Sense of the dream: fortune

advised 10
What does it mean: happy news coming

stoked 9
Meaning of the dream: heavy duty

beheaded 81
Description: unsuccessful business

case ivory 86
Interpretation of the dream: misery

whitewashing walls 39
Translation: good relationships with young people

ragout 63
Dream description: major change

granting grace 68
Meaning: lofty ideals

coddling a child 43
Translation of the dream: inner dissatisfaction

shot in the legs or being shot in the legs 56
Interpretation: tensions or conflicts

agonize pain 43
Sense of the dream: exaggerated sensitivity

whitewashing cellar 65
What does it mean: liveliness

case provided 90
Meaning of the dream: evidence of common sense

dismount the bicycle 12
Description: pleasant meeting

butcher's smock 7
Interpretation of the dream: trip worthwhile

painter's smock 44
Translation: important for you to accumulate money