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Eating sweets friend. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream eating sweets friend. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

eating sweets 90
Meaning of the dream: discontent passengers

sweets 66
Description: astuteness

crumple sweets 59
Interpretation of the dream: unjust accusations

basket with sweets 11
Translation: hard problems

bag of sweets 72
Dream description: sufferings and pains

spoon sweets 40
Meaning: tightening of relations

distribute sweets 65
Translation of the dream: worries and sorrows

donate sweets 64
Interpretation: contrasts minor

pack sweets 64
Sense of the dream: hidden enemies

use yeast for sweets 62
What does it mean: money that will come soon

packet of sweets 10
Meaning of the dream: difficult relationships

pack of sweets 6
Description: escalation of a dispute

pralines (sweets) 13
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

sell sweets 69
Translation: melancholy and dissatisfaction

glutton for sweets 38
Dream description: betrayal by a friend who will abuse the secrets confided

exhibition of sweets 8
Meaning: indifference to others

little basket with sweets 5
Translation of the dream: greatest hits

assortment of sweets 10
Interpretation: concern for parents

eating together 74
Sense of the dream: disagreements with your loved one

friend 19
What does it mean: litigation and disagreements

go with a friend 53
Meaning of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

sorry for a friend 19
Description: new responsibilities

go to a friend 35
Interpretation of the dream: frustrated ambition

Abbess eating 77
Translation: waste substances

sick eating 33
Dream description: shrewdness

donkey eating 64
Meaning: days of depression

child eating 20
Translation of the dream: serenity disturbed

eating biscuits 39
Interpretation: deserved award

eating steak 30
Sense of the dream: quarrels dangerous

eating the chop 4
What does it mean: intense pace of life

ox eating 8
Meaning of the dream: to avoid provocations

eating vinegary 29
Description: poverty or disease

eating apricot 36
Interpretation of the dream: Deception woman

eating ducks 28
Translation: encounter serious financial difficulties

Camel eating 17
Dream description: continuous renewal

canary eating 81
Meaning: innovations

eating candied 65
Translation of the dream: original ideas

dog eating 61
Interpretation: Useful corrections

Kangaroo eating 50
Sense of the dream: overcoming difficulties

goat eating 6
What does it mean: novelty from a letter

inmate eating 27
Meaning of the dream: compromise solution

horse eating 9
Description: situation calm

see eating a mullet 45
Interpretation of the dream: insults to forget

eating cucumber 69
Translation: serenity and confidence

see eating a cucumber 18
Dream description: resentments

see eating food 39
Meaning: prudence in business

eating cherries 70
Translation of the dream: good health

dove eating 32
Interpretation: misunderstandings and gossip

rabbit eating 34
Sense of the dream: excessive pride

peasant eating 69
What does it mean: good agreement in family