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Eating juniper berries. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: eating juniper berries

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eating juniper berries 2
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

Juniper berries 90
Dream Interpretation: promises of improvement

juniper 30

juniper bush 21

berries 48
Meaning of the dream: abundance

look for berries 33
Dream Interpretation: increasing success

try many berries 28
Meanings of dreams: you always have to overcome obstacles

laurel berries 62
Dream Interpretations: secret love

cypress berries 76
What does this mean: to clarify misunderstandings

red berries 79
What does it mean: great charm

black berries 45
Meaning of the dream: health disorders

eat berries 38
Dream Interpretation: slip interior

pick berries 68
Meanings of dreams: desire to accumulate

pepper berries 1

eating together 74
Meaning of the dream: disagreements with your loved one

Abbess eating 77
Dream Interpretation: waste substances

sick eating 33
Meanings of dreams: shrewdness

donkey eating 64
Dream Interpretations: days of depression

child eating 20
What does this mean: serenity disturbed

eating biscuits 39
What does it mean: deserved award

eating steak 30
Meaning of the dream: quarrels dangerous

eating the chop 4
Dream Interpretation: intense pace of life

ox eating 8
Meanings of dreams: to avoid provocations

eating vinegary 29
Dream Interpretations: poverty or disease

eating apricot 36
What does this mean: Deception woman

eating ducks 28
What does it mean: encounter serious financial difficulties

canary eating 81
Meaning of the dream: innovations

eating candied 65
Dream Interpretation: original ideas

dog eating 61
Meanings of dreams: Useful corrections

Kangaroo eating 50
Dream Interpretations: overcoming difficulties

goat eating 6
What does this mean: novelty from a letter

inmate eating 27
What does it mean: compromise solution

horse eating 9
Meaning of the dream: situation calm

see eating a mullet 45
Dream Interpretation: insults to forget

eating cucumber 69
Meanings of dreams: serenity and confidence

see eating a cucumber 18
Dream Interpretations: resentments

see eating food 39
What does this mean: prudence in business

eating cherries 70
What does it mean: good health

dove eating 32
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings and gossip

rabbit eating 34
Dream Interpretation: excessive pride

peasant eating 69
Meanings of dreams: good agreement in family

eating croissants 42
Dream Interpretations: financial problems

eating cream 19
What does this mean: bad purchases

eating cherry 47
What does it mean: you satisfy your desires

eating figs 5
Meaning of the dream: dangerous head shots

rooster eating 27
Dream Interpretation: proposals flattering

eating lemon 46
Meanings of dreams: labors useless

eating leaves 59
Dream Interpretations: complaints or disease

eating cats 24
What does this mean: divorce

see eating almonds 15
What does it mean: hopes that come true

eating soup 68
Meaning of the dream: Company risky

eating fruit 56
Dream Interpretation: firm friendships

eating sweets 90
Meanings of dreams: discontent passengers

eating chocolate 19
Dream Interpretations: inner dissatisfaction

eating in countryside 9
What does this mean: quarrels with family

eating in secret 79
What does it mean: nostalgia for things past

eating apples 51
Meaning of the dream: need for a compromise

eating nuts 71
Dream Interpretation: ties happy

eating olives 62
Meanings of dreams: advantageous offer to be accepted

eating an apple 51
Dream Interpretations: necessary compromise

eating pig 58
What does this mean: difficult situations

eating parsley 58
What does it mean: easily overcome obstacles and adversity