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Eat items. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream eat items. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pocketing items 40
Meaning of the dream: abundance

prepare items 6
Description: lack of tranquility in the family

buy items 3
Interpretation of the dream: gain

eat asparagus 21
Translation: disease subsided or confidence that will be exacerbated

eat onions 42
Dream description: joys from loved ones

eat peas 88
Meaning: moments of weakness

eat celery 57
Translation of the dream: joy to a loved one

eat spinach 59
Interpretation: physical weakness

eat garlic 44
Sense of the dream: pleasant surprises

eat liver 43
What does it mean: optimal health

eat standing 2
Meaning of the dream: too hasty actions

eat potatoes 6
Description: physical endurance

eat honey 9
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant surprise

eat butter 12
Translation: malignant insinuations

eat legumes 78
Dream description: waste of money

eat tomatoes 28
Meaning: optimism and enthusiasm

eat shit 11
Translation of the dream: uncertainty, infamy

repair items 85
Interpretation: passive obedience

eat your language 89
Sense of the dream: quick decision-making

eat ricotta cheese 51
What does it mean: fickleness

eat dates 56
Meaning of the dream: new jobs

eat lark 33
Description: intemperance harmful

eat cot 43
Interpretation of the dream: slight indisposition

eat streaky 25
Translation: end of a concern

eat apricots 33
Dream description: deception by women

eat berries 38
Meaning: slip interior

eat artichokes 80
Translation of the dream: demanding decisions

eat chestnuts 60
Interpretation: economic benefits

eat watermelon 6
Sense of the dream: hopes fade

eat mushrooms 27
What does it mean: exaggerated pride

eat shrimp 38
Meaning of the dream: passion short

eat peppers 27
Description: hassles of short duration

eat peaches 21
Interpretation of the dream: new sympathies

eat radishes 16
Translation: diligence in work

eat clams 57
Dream description: improvement of position

eat eels 68
Meaning: you will be offended

eat milk 79
Translation of the dream: sufferings of love

eat boiled 15
Interpretation: happiness satisfied

eat dragees 75
Sense of the dream: dissatisfaction and pain

eat sausage 29
What does it mean: Luckily the game

eat mussel 75
Meaning of the dream: want to meet

Aluminum items 26
Description: you ll lose a lot of time unnecessarily

eat little 73
Interpretation of the dream: novelty coming

eat cabbage 22
Translation: malicious gossip of neighbors

eat preserves 19
Dream description: unprofitable business

eat meatballs 36
Meaning: economic improvement

eat goose 88
Translation of the dream: risk of skidding

eat zucchini 69
Interpretation: tough character stingy closed

eat flea 38
Sense of the dream: You encounter many obstacles

eat persimmons 74
What does it mean: achieving a goal

eat lamb 31
Meaning of the dream: tears and sighs

eat chickpeas 33
Description: hopes fade

eat the rabbit 27
Interpretation of the dream: wrong decision

eat a pig 69
Translation: welfare

eat a kidney 3
Dream description: tenacious energy

eat chicory 16
Meaning: project that fades