Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

eat flour soup

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: eat flour soup

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35 eat flour soup
Fortunately for the poor, for the rich sorrows

68 soup
considerable fortune, health

10 flour

9 drink soup
sincere affection

10 mouthful of soup
advantageous purchases

90 beef soup
negative attitudes

18 seasoning soup
intrigues of women

48 spoon soup
mental elasticity

68 eating soup
Company risky

71 soup broth
decisions sentimental

88 Soup with beans
contrasts transient

61 soup with potatoes
mild illness

65 salty soup
contrasts for interest

83 soup on the table
invitation welcome

82 fish soup
unfortunate situation

86 soup plates
imprudence dangerous

72 serving of soup
enforceable rights

66 bowl with soup
irascibility to contain

32 subsisting on soup
maturation of projects

28 soup cup
chance of success

11 barley soup
poverty and sadness

9 wine soup

24 box with flour
prosperity and gains

19 flour glue
family visits

24 wheat flour
abundance and wealth

16 chestnut flour
indecision about what to do

53 flour in the cupboard
be happy

7 knead the flour
joys family

36 buy flour
pleasant news

16 flour fritters

39 barn with flour

32 knead flour
serene optimism

39 flour meat
sorrows secrets

18 fish flour
false displays of affection

77 flour artichokes
ingratitude by a benefactor

46 flour the hands
good business

60 flour face
depressing thoughts

42 bagged flour
profitable business contacts

76 cupboard with flour
need saving

59 flour paste
quiet life

35 sack of flour

84 dissolve flour
activities discontinuous

90 cake made with chestnut flour
good news

68 68 - Smorfia classic: soup cooked

47 to eat
a certain activity does not always give good results and therefore necessary prudence and calm

77 want to eat
pleasant events

44 eat garlic
pleasant surprises

33 eat apricots
deception by women

33 eat lark
intemperance harmful

39 eat animal
concerns work

74 anxious to eat
pleased events

38 eat berries
slip interior

15 eat boiled
happiness satisfied

12 eat butter
malignant insinuations

31 eat lamb
tears and sighs

18 eat pineapple
good news

4 see and eat oranges
wounds, pain or simply wrath acute

21 eat asparagus
disease subsided or confidence that will be exacerbated

43 eat cot
slight indisposition

18 eat guts

28 eat roast

4 eat the orange
wounds, pains

70 eat candy
mistakes and missteps

80 eat artichokes
demanding decisions

60 eat chestnuts
economic benefits

22 eat a cabbage
gossip of neighbors

33 eat chickpeas
hopes fade

26 eat the cedar
excessive emotionality

31 eat mullet
small gain

31 eat brains
entry money

16 eat the donut

38 eat some food
contrasts and gossip

16 eat chicory
project that fades

42 eat onions
joys from loved ones

6 eat watermelon
hopes fade

33 eat breakfast alone
wrongs to be repaired

75 eat dragees
dissatisfaction and pain

27 eat the rabbit
wrong decision

19 eat preserves
unprofitable business

70 eat meals
good health

22 eat the offal
decisions influenced