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Eat burned. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream eat burned. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

burned 83
Meaning of the dream: you feel unsafe

be burned 27
Description: your negative experiences do not have served to nothing

burned by acid 68
Interpretation of the dream: great anger

luggage burned 22
Translation: ingratitude to a friend

burned with the brazier 15
Dream description: lack of perseverance

burned a house 32
Meaning: doubts unfounded

woman burned 20
Translation of the dream: lightness in love

man burned 71
Interpretation: impediments passengers

burned child 5
Sense of the dream: Unexpected gifts

fireplace burned 83
What does it mean: Reduced physical endurance

burned paper 27
Meaning of the dream: boring meetings

castle burned 78
Description: material aid to be given to a relative

Church burned 60
Interpretation of the dream: to avert danger

burned wood 42
Translation: unpleasant embarrassment

olive burned 15
Dream description: doubts tormenting

loaf burned 49
Meaning: dangerous fantasies

rag burned 10
Translation of the dream: new force

burned with fire 43
Interpretation: dreams true

burned with acids 31
Sense of the dream: intrigues of relatives

burned with oil 80
What does it mean: surprises from the money

burned with cigarette 4
Meaning of the dream: fanaticism exaggerated

burned language 11
Description: moral resistance

burned a hand 10
Interpretation of the dream: excessive dynamism

burned a foot 25
Translation: protections required

burned face 9
Dream description: Excessive passion

burned arm 50
Meaning: hopes dashed

burned with broth 47
Translation of the dream: dynamism and boldness

burned feet 25
Interpretation: excessive ambitions

living be burned 37
Sense of the dream: bad action

beard burned 49

ship burned 83

beast burned 13

kettle burned 44

village burned 65

burned at home 49

burned in hospital 16

burned in the street 18

hat burned 14

chestnuts burned 43

chickpea burned 15

cypress burned 34

finger burned 4

handkerchief burned 65

gloves burned 75

hands burned 20

curl burned 27

donut burned 37

woodshed burned 32

dish burned 40

burned with a hot iron 85
What does it mean: fighting spirit

to eat 47
Meaning of the dream: a certain activity does not always give good results and therefore necessary prudence and calm

want to eat 77
Description: pleasant events

ask to eat 53

eat well 65

eat little 73

eat garlic 44
Meaning: pleasant surprises

eat apricots 33
Translation of the dream: deception by women

eat lark 33
Interpretation: intemperance harmful

eat animal 39
Sense of the dream: concerns work

anxious to eat 74
What does it mean: pleased events

eat berries 38
Meaning of the dream: slip interior

eat boiled 15
Description: happiness satisfied

eat butter 12
Interpretation of the dream: malignant insinuations

eat lamb 31
Translation: tears and sighs

eat pineapple 18
Dream description: good news

see and eat oranges 4
Meaning: wounds, pain or simply wrath acute

eat asparagus 21
Translation of the dream: disease subsided or confidence that will be exacerbated

eat cot 43
Interpretation: slight indisposition

eat guts 18
Sense of the dream: mishaps

eat roast 28
What does it mean: faithfulness

eat the orange 4
Meaning of the dream: wounds, pains

eat candy 70
Description: mistakes and missteps

eat artichokes 80
Interpretation of the dream: demanding decisions

eat chestnuts 60
Translation: economic benefits

eat a cabbage 22
Dream description: gossip of neighbors

eat chickpeas 33
Meaning: hopes fade

eat the cedar 26
Translation of the dream: excessive emotionality

eat mullet 31
Interpretation: small gain

eat brains 31
Sense of the dream: entry money

eat the donut 16
What does it mean: failure

eat some food 38
Meaning of the dream: contrasts and gossip

eat chicory 16
Description: project that fades

eat onions 42
Interpretation of the dream: joys from loved ones