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Eat a bittern (bird). Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream eat a bittern (bird). The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

eat a bittern (bird) 10
Meaning of the dream: amorous intrigues, incurable disease

bittern (bird) 10
Description: thoughts, disgust

kill a bittern (bird) 21
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction

take a bird 68
Translation: deceptive illusions

catch a bird 33
Dream description: next trip

albatross (bird) 64
Meaning: Good news from far off place

owls see this bird 61
Translation of the dream: concerns

siskin (bird) 57
Interpretation: your life dissipated harms your reputation

bird feather 59
Sense of the dream: confusion and indecision

bird feathers 46
What does it mean: contrasts with women

owl (bird) 31
Meaning of the dream: next aid

rapacious bird 18
Description: physical weakness

decoy bird 81
Interpretation of the dream: you will fall into a trap

It is transformed into a bird 57
Translation: moving house

water bird 16
Dream description: misfortune

feeding a bird 47
Meaning: You go in company

bird of prey 26
Translation of the dream: You expect a big loss

big bird 39
Interpretation: great fortune

small bird 16
Sense of the dream: freedom and carefree

crane bird 35
What does it mean: Instead of solving problems, it escapes

bird's beak 88

the bird's neck 39

wing bird 24

Bird skull 81

bird wings in flight 24
Dream description: deception female

wings of a bird shot down 41
Meaning: broken promise

condor (bird of prey) 52
Translation of the dream: aid by person in authority

petrel (Storm Bird) 1
Interpretation: dangerous trip

veranda with bird cages 20
Sense of the dream: momentary disappointment

branch of bird cherry 5

bird hit the wing and shot down 41
Meaning of the dream: you have missed or will miss a promise

35 - Smorfia classic: small bird 35

to eat 47
Interpretation of the dream: a certain activity does not always give good results and therefore necessary prudence and calm

want to eat 77
Translation: pleasant events

ask to eat 53

eat well 65

eat little 73

eat garlic 44
Interpretation: pleasant surprises

eat apricots 33
Sense of the dream: deception by women

eat lark 33
What does it mean: intemperance harmful

eat animal 39
Meaning of the dream: concerns work

anxious to eat 74
Description: pleased events

eat berries 38
Interpretation of the dream: slip interior

eat boiled 15
Translation: happiness satisfied

eat butter 12
Dream description: malignant insinuations

eat lamb 31
Meaning: tears and sighs

eat pineapple 18
Translation of the dream: good news

see and eat oranges 4
Interpretation: wounds, pain or simply wrath acute

eat asparagus 21
Sense of the dream: disease subsided or confidence that will be exacerbated

eat cot 43
What does it mean: slight indisposition

eat guts 18
Meaning of the dream: mishaps

eat roast 28
Description: faithfulness

eat the orange 4
Interpretation of the dream: wounds, pains

eat candy 70
Translation: mistakes and missteps

eat artichokes 80
Dream description: demanding decisions

eat chestnuts 60
Meaning: economic benefits

eat a cabbage 22
Translation of the dream: gossip of neighbors

eat chickpeas 33
Interpretation: hopes fade

eat the cedar 26
Sense of the dream: excessive emotionality

eat mullet 31
What does it mean: small gain

eat brains 31
Meaning of the dream: entry money

eat the donut 16
Description: failure

eat some food 38
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts and gossip

eat chicory 16
Translation: project that fades

eat onions 42
Dream description: joys from loved ones

eat watermelon 6
Meaning: hopes fade

eat breakfast alone 33
Translation of the dream: wrongs to be repaired

eat dragees 75
Interpretation: dissatisfaction and pain

eat the rabbit 27
Sense of the dream: wrong decision