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Easing from evil. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream easing from evil. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see evil 3
Meaning of the dream: clarification as to give

evil 13
Description: discomfort for a situation not clear

aware of evil 59
Interpretation of the dream: swings of fortune

cure evil 15
Translation: imprudence and agitation

lead to evil 61
Dream description: need protection

defeat an evil 77
Meaning: new businesses

spend evil 44
Translation of the dream: altruism and generosity

dress evil 12
Interpretation: nostalgia secret

face evil 69
Sense of the dream: dangerous proposals

leaning against evil 21

receive evil 46

devise evil 69

inciting to evil 17

evil inclination 17

evil spells 52

get rid of evil 16

evil stepmother 49

evil eye 78
Interpretation: sudden problems

abhor evil speaking 61

assembly of evildoers 6
What does it mean: Love that goes out

appearance of devils 44
Meaning of the dream: deserved punishment

devil's horns 77
Description: losses and damages

Devil 13
Interpretation of the dream: contentment to good friendships and good relations

see the devil 43
Translation: dangerous temptations

be a devil 54
Dream description: secret relations

Devil turned into man 57
Meaning: danger passed

devil transformed into a woman 60
Translation of the dream: bad luck in the profession

Devil in flames 6
Interpretation: serious misfortune

devil tries 31
Sense of the dream: lack of reflection

devil speaking 80
What does it mean: forced separation

devil laughing 35
Meaning of the dream: persecution of enemies

angry devil 81
Description: treachery and betrayal

devil chained 2
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal of a friend

Devil howling 75
Translation: good faith deceived

painted devil 16
Dream description: false security

speak with the devil 56
Meaning: danger of scams

be questioned by the devil 21
Translation of the dream: contrariness

devil be brought 26
Interpretation: more good than sad omen

see devils 14
Sense of the dream: for elderly patients is a sad omen

revile 12
What does it mean: a person is away from you because of you

revile his father 60
Meaning of the dream: painful surprise

revile brothers 57
Description: prejudices harmful

revile old 63
Interpretation of the dream: Dangerous Liaisons

pact with the devil 7
Translation: success for the fisherman in water

77 - Smorfia classic: devils 77

Saints devils 58
Meaning: a special message was given to you from the spiritual realm

see teasing a monkey 82
Translation of the dream: you think you re clever but you re not

worship the devil 21

lighten the evils 10

Devil walking 7

devil that runs 74

Devil crying 75

devil eating 88

devil drawn 56

devil woman 60

devil in hell 8

devil transformed 79

unceasing 45

hell with devils 50

invitation pleasing 33

magician with the devil 90

evildoer punished 50

daredevil 32

Devil Wing 38

revile husband 40

revile grandparents 81

devilish wife 65