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Dying father explosive. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dying father explosive. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barrel with explosive 27
Meaning of the dream: offer sage advice

embark explosive 20

dying 49
Interpretation of the dream: long life

goodbye to the dying 39
Translation: long life

sick dying 5
Dream description: friendships helpful

see a dying man 30
Meaning: health hazard

dying serene 15
Translation of the dream: prosperity and health

dying desperate 90
Interpretation: obstacles to overcome

resuscitate a dying 75
Sense of the dream: prudence in speech

shrink dying 5
What does it mean: good health

smallpox dying 7
Meaning of the dream: fixed ideas

dying old man 62
Description: successful completion of a deal

child dying 48

boatman dying 77

of dying confession 17

lament of the dying 76

gunsmith dying 60

pastor from dying 9

assist a dying man 47
Sense of the dream: request for aid

confessor at a dying man 61
What does it mean: rectitude and honesty

groan of a dying man 27
Meaning of the dream: profitable activities

dying man who made his will 8
Description: contrasts with family

gasp of a dying man 19
Interpretation of the dream: premonitions

assistance to a dying man 10

bless a dying man 67

go with his father 90
Meaning: Fears passengers

see their father 65
Translation of the dream: tips to follow

think again about his father 68
Interpretation: important victory

thank the father 89
Sense of the dream: good career choice

kill the father 13
What does it mean: sacrifices for the elderly

father arrested 9
Meaning of the dream: marriage thwarted

kissing father 9
Description: next change

caress his father 24
Interpretation of the dream: new energy

call the father 54
Translation: positions of responsibility

condescension toward his father 76
Dream description: useful and faithful friendships

confide in his father 9
Meaning: constructive energy

congratulate the father 88
Translation of the dream: economic prosperity

converse with his father 83
Interpretation: personal satisfaction

defend the father 90
Sense of the dream: ties happy

inherit from his father 22
What does it mean: infidelity to a friend

trust the father 7
Meaning of the dream: settlement of differences

father image 22
Description: concerns that dissolve

revile his father 60
Interpretation of the dream: painful surprise

arguing with his father 44
Translation: mistrust to be overcome

bow to the father 70
Dream description: six submissive to paternal authority

curse father 54
Meaning: sudden misfortune

tribute to his father 24
Translation of the dream: aid not required