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Duck standing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream duck standing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

duck wound 38
Meaning of the dream: doubtful period

duck hatching 80
Description: You have been evoking childhood memories

dead duck 18
Interpretation of the dream: There you are freed of something

duck cooked 90
Translation: need to buy back certain energies

black duck 30
Dream description: very tense period and negative

duck flying 66
Meaning: full of ideas period

duck in water 10
Translation of the dream: soon you will have to do with a surreal situation

duck (goose young) 5
Interpretation: pleasure, happiness

cut off the head to duck 12
Sense of the dream: satisfaction pleasure honor

snap standing 60
What does it mean: sense of proportion

falling asleep standing 16
Meaning of the dream: ardor in love

beak of ducks 65
Description: someone in your life that bothers you

eat standing 2
Interpretation of the dream: too hasty actions

Meat of ducks 57
Translation: back to more carefree times

remain standing 80
Dream description: favors from a woman

Standing Animal 39
Meaning: unexpected change

stand up 24
Translation of the dream: good choice

Donald Duck 5
Interpretation: unexpected encounters

stand on a wall 67
Sense of the dream: financial backers

stand in the clearing 8
What does it mean: clear intelligence

stand in the stalls 34
Meaning of the dream: issues to be resolved

stand on a stick 31
Description: bewilderment

stand on a ledge 67
Interpretation of the dream: projects that are realized

stand on a ladder 62
Translation: personal success

stand on a rope 48
Dream description: inner resources

stand on the windowsill 8
Meaning: tendency to exaggeration

stand on stilts 6
Translation of the dream: pitfalls to overcome

stand under the willow 31
Interpretation: moral suffering

stand at the window 76
Sense of the dream: next trip

go out on foot 84
What does it mean: curiosity satisfied

this morning 79
Meaning of the dream: to overcome adversity

tonight 63
Description: superficiality

foot bitten 40
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows, infirmity chest

hired a body 76
Translation: agitated life

stroll walk 40
Dream description: sudden family discussion

sprained foot 9
Meaning: infirmity passing

travel on foot 33
Translation of the dream: news late

stand at the door 18
Interpretation: nervous tension

arrive on foot 29
Sense of the dream: goodness and fortune

cop walk 36
What does it mean: embarrassing situation

patrol on foot 72
Meaning of the dream: stormy events

escape on foot 15
Description: violent temper

follow on foot 20
Interpretation of the dream: projects to be completed

put on foot 25
Translation: good business and good tidings

at the foot callus 81
Dream description: legal hassles

stand in the limelight 22
Meaning: poor self-control

diner's closed 18
Translation of the dream: physical fatigue

pass through on foot 85
Interpretation: conclusion of business

Child who is studying 52
Sense of the dream: Sudden movement

feet support the foot 11
What does it mean: you will need a help I do not want to ask