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Drowned with candy. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream drowned with candy. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

old drowned 12
Meaning of the dream: achievement of ideals

brother drowned 88
Description: dispute with family

drowned 88
Interpretation of the dream: Inability to defend or unconscious

boatman drowned 48
Translation: serious concerns

animals drowned 22
Dream description: false friendships

drowned newborn 15
Meaning: repressed projects

Candy with cocoa 55
Translation of the dream: you will find yourself in a bankruptcy

candy graduation 5
Interpretation: sincerity counterproductive

see drowned 42
Sense of the dream: aid coming

enemy drowned 81
What does it mean: successful combination

be drowned 2
Meaning of the dream: economic difficulties

drowned man 19
Description: sorrows

dog drowned 15
Interpretation of the dream: increased work

die drowned 41
Translation: thriving business

son drowned 60
Dream description: prosperity

good candy 6
Meaning: thoughts, disgust

wedding candy 66
Translation of the dream: shameful servitude

wrapping candy 56
Interpretation: advantageous purchases

swallow candy 76
Sense of the dream: unstable relationships

candy cherries 32
What does it mean: return of a loved one

candy peaches 55
Meaning of the dream: good news

boy drowned 58
Description: concerns

friend drowned 33
Interpretation of the dream: Discussions with relatives

candy purgative 58
Translation: jealousy and disturbance

buy candy 22
Dream description: difficult relationships

licorice candy 8
Meaning: many business views

Admiral drowned 24
Translation of the dream: unforeseen revenge

revive a drowned 2
Interpretation: vitality and momentum

rescue a drowned 27
Sense of the dream: reassuring news

parent drowned 65
What does it mean: useful collaboration

Military drowned 20
Meaning of the dream: help Wanted

box of candy 57
Description: concerns falling

handful of candy 40
Interpretation of the dream: you will lose the game

packages of candy 77
Translation: precipitous actions

a cat drowned 33
Dream description: slander

candy liquor 34
Meaning: unfounded fears

offer candy 43
Translation of the dream: disagreements sentimental

sell candy 80
Interpretation: rupture of relations

Candy Fruit 34
Sense of the dream: mishaps negligible

a pilot drowned 77
What does it mean: secret ambitions

drowned saved 31
Meaning of the dream: tiring days

sister drowned 23
Description: conflicts and quarrels

candy golden 26
Interpretation of the dream: hunger and misery

almond candy 44
Translation: abundance

sucking candy 73
Dream description: harsh judgments

peppermint candy 65
Meaning: combative character

drowned mother 52
Translation of the dream: not allowed to express yourself

a drowned animal 68
Interpretation: constancy in action

candy factory 43
Sense of the dream: pain exceeded

drowned in the ditch 32
What does it mean: commitments completed

packet of sweets 10
Meaning of the dream: difficult relationships

drowned woman 87
Description: losses and pains

bulk candy 9
Interpretation of the dream: harbinger of doom

basket with sweets 11
Translation: hard problems

bring out a drowned by water 60
Dream description: revelatory dream

little basket with sweets 5
Meaning: greatest hits

drown at sea 25
Translation of the dream: good business

candies 72
Interpretation: good news