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Drown in the manhole. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream drown in the manhole. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

drown in pit 33
Meaning of the dream: new openings in love

drown in the river 79
Description: next birth

manhole 12
Interpretation of the dream: inner dissatisfaction

drown in the swamp 25
Translation: sudden satisfaction

drown in lake 5
Dream description: difficult issues to be resolved

manhole broken 21
Meaning: compromises dangerous

drown 2
Translation of the dream: economic difficulties

manhole closed 68
Interpretation: repentance useless

manhole leaking 80
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings and mishaps

drown in wine 17
What does it mean: Doom

hiding in a manhole 46
Meaning of the dream: sacrifices in family

drown a woman 83
Description: fake friends

drown by accident 46
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal of women

drown an animal 34
Translation: unforeseen obstacles

open manhole 40
Dream description: Work inconclusive

manhole repair 6
Meaning: realizable and gain

manhole covers 71
Translation of the dream: you have something that you want to eliminate from your life

drown at sea 25
Interpretation: good business

drowning in the bath 44
Sense of the dream: dissensions double

drowned in the ditch 32
What does it mean: commitments completed

drowning in the well 33
Meaning of the dream: bad action from relatives

hatch underground 79
Description: poor health

ashes in the mouth 1
Interpretation of the dream: tries to be less apprehensive

pins in the mouth 88
Translation: someone holding you

kissed in the mouth 33
Dream description: someone deceives

mice into mouth 10
Meaning: momentary troubles

acidity in the mouth 8
Translation of the dream: tranquility of mind

mouth 80
Interpretation: treachery

fall into a hole 15
Sense of the dream: disease

plunge in swimsuit 60
What does it mean: desire for freedom

jar mouth 71
Meaning of the dream: painful memories

plunge in business 26
Description: waste of time

mouth tool 60
Interpretation of the dream: friendships

the horse's mouth 9
Translation: changes of opinion

mouth full 4
Dream description: self-doubt

mouth weeping 69
Meaning: reckless projects

Fire mouth 11
Translation of the dream: pride and conceit

swollen mouth 36
Interpretation: missed opportunity

prompter in the hole 83
Sense of the dream: mental laziness

stomach mouth 4
What does it mean: good memory

mouth shut 8
Meaning of the dream: sense of fear unjustified

laughing mouth 2
Description: clumsy actions

mouth cannon 21
Interpretation of the dream: precautions exaggerated

clean the mouth 53
Translation: requited love

filling his mouth 11
Dream description: insecurity

mouth kissing 50
Meaning: disillusionment from friends

crooked mouth 65
Translation of the dream: inability to adapt

mouth sores 54
Interpretation: misfortune

stop up the mouth 64
Sense of the dream: cunning and mischief

mouth sick 26
What does it mean: happy solution

seductive mouth 61
Meaning of the dream: passionate needs

small mouth 80
Description: happiness satisfied

mouth of hell 16
Interpretation of the dream: benevolence of young people

mouth source 41
Translation: embarrassing reports

mouth of animals 89
Dream description: small change