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Drop the molar of judgment. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream drop the molar of judgment. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

molar carious 4
Meaning of the dream: love happy

molar which is extracted 5
Description: you're going through an oppressive period

molar stone 5
Interpretation of the dream: joy and pleasure

drop skittles 42
Translation: win

drop a tray 82
Dream description: economic problems

drop a vase 60
Meaning: sentimental sorrow

executor of judgment 45
Translation of the dream: He will miss the good fortune

pronouncing judgment 44
Interpretation: misunderstanding with your loved one

ratify a judgment 61
Sense of the dream: adverse criticism

think again of judgment 18
What does it mean: deceptions hidden

drop 14
Meaning of the dream: no heed of small

listen to the judgment 70
Description: compromise to avoid

oppose a judgment 13
Interpretation of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

Judgment Day 76
Translation: pleasant trip

Silver Drop 74
Dream description: tranquility at home

motto judgment 16
Meaning: still keep up your resolutions

draft a judgment 49
Translation of the dream: Small daily hassles

read the judgment 30
Interpretation: false situation

drop of Lvov 86
Sense of the dream: emotional complications

confirm a judgment 1
What does it mean: obstacles in the profession

judgment 42
Meaning of the dream: ideas unclear

big drop 56
Description: curiosity satisfied

cancel a judgment 64
Interpretation of the dream: necessary sacrifice

civil judgment 85
Translation: Fortunately difficult to win

drop of liqueur 35
Dream description: little practical sense

drop of liquor 50
Meaning: next trip

drop of oil 69
Translation of the dream: speeches alarming

56 - Smorfia classic: fall 56

drop of blood 14
Sense of the dream: desire to escape

drop of wine 70
What does it mean: try not to miss important opportunities

drop of brandy 44
Meaning of the dream: missteps

drop of poison 78
Description: try not to miss important opportunities

drop of rum 7
Interpretation of the dream: slander

call for trial 43
Translation: risky speculation

judgment of conviction 43
Dream description: ideas unclear

fall 56
Meaning: comfort and awards

contest a judgment 16
Translation of the dream: coincidences favorable

fall from tricycle 13
Interpretation: important matters

dropping glasses 48
Sense of the dream: fake friends

fall in wine 52
What does it mean: changes of opinion

conviction verdict 64
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant discussions

fall in the straw 27
Description: prudence with neighbors

drop of water 19
Interpretation of the dream: position to be clarified

fall down stairs 73
Translation: dangerous hazards

fall from motorcycle 49
Dream description: goods unstable

fall from a tribune 58
Meaning: great success

on trial 39
Translation of the dream: you feel wrongly accused

slander trial 36
Interpretation: unexpected novelty

civil trial 64
Sense of the dream: confusion and restlessness

fall from horse 41
What does it mean: decline of physical energy

fall from the sky 86
Meaning of the dream: errors of assessment

criminal trial 19
Description: nervous tension

giving judgment 38
Interpretation of the dream: safe work

fall from the trapeze 23
Translation: danger of errors

fall from train 4
Dream description: dangerous pitfalls

trial of men 6
Meaning: good faith

issue verdict 48
Translation of the dream: mood changes