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Dressing drawer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dressing drawer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

belt dressing 37
Meaning of the dream: difficulties from the environment

Mother dressing baby 52
Description: harassment by neighbors

drawer full 10
Interpretation of the dream: Hidden Dangers

closed drawer 51
Translation: embarrassment of choice

drawer dresser 6
Dream description: poor health of the child who will be born

Close a Drawer 22
Meaning: new spending

order a drawer 52
Translation of the dream: hard life

force a drawer 83
Interpretation: good organization

open the drawer 8
Sense of the dream: money refund

empty drawer 39
What does it mean: new interests

drawer casket 30
Meaning of the dream: You discover a secret

drawer 22
Description: contrasts with brothers

cabinet drawer 42
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with brothers

dressing room inn 56
Translation: moderating your desires

desk drawer 49
Dream description: intentions tenacious

fat dressing 52
Meaning: struggles and sacrifices

dressing room bathrooms 72
Translation of the dream: sadness passing

dressing empty 49
Interpretation: deceitful flattery

drawer with bright 79
Sense of the dream: clumsiness

oil dressing 81
What does it mean: intellectual faculties

drawer without key 87
Meaning of the dream: hope disappointed

drawer with gold 32
Description: new commitments

drawer with objects 71
Interpretation of the dream: important decisions

dressing room theater 44
Translation: temporary irritation

rummaging in a drawer 67
Dream description: material difficulties

table drawer 53
Meaning: important relationships

dressing up as a clown 26
Translation of the dream: love life confusing

dressing well 56
Interpretation: desire for power

dressing thin 37
Sense of the dream: extravagant spending

dressing with care 88
What does it mean: help to be given

dressing room with players 25
Meaning of the dream: useless discussions

dressing room 62
Description: service of dishonest people

dressing up in costumes 26
Interpretation of the dream: inner insecurity

dressing gowns 9
Translation: feel far a partner's love

dressing up as a man 14
Dream description: jealousy and contrasts

dressing up as a nun 2
Meaning: heightened sensitivity

dressing up as a woman 13
Translation of the dream: gallant adventure

salad dressing 37
Interpretation: good agreement in family

dressing-down 66
Sense of the dream: repairable error

dressing gown 75
What does it mean: compromise to avoid

dress like a man 12
Meaning of the dream: interests in danger

masquerade 77
Description: crushes

garment brindle 32
Interpretation of the dream: you have small economic problems

fit a garment 29
Translation: change of heart

garment of reindeer 37
Dream description: encouragement from superiors

burning a garment 17
Meaning: happiness at home

dress open 70
Translation of the dream: happy coexistence

wear white 64
Interpretation: ambition fulfilled

dress messy 82
Sense of the dream: discontent and boredom

oblige to dress 86
What does it mean: mood changes

dress a sick 28
Meaning of the dream: ferment of energy

stain on a garment 30
Description: bad news

wear the shirt 34
Interpretation of the dream: benefit safe

dress a dead 20
Translation: excellent prospects