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Dress purple man. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dress purple man. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

purple off-season 8
Meaning of the dream: love nascent

to dress a man 48
Description: affections safe

Letters written in purple 48
Interpretation of the dream: bad news will arrive within a week

dress an old man 6
Translation: minor glitches

purple 2
Dream description: you love too much pomp

dress with a train 3
Meaning: strangeness of character

to dress button 75
Translation of the dream: do a new knowledge

purple flower 80
Interpretation: you have to be more determined

oblige to dress 86
Sense of the dream: mood changes

dress messy 82
What does it mean: discontent and boredom

dressed man 27
Meaning of the dream: News coming soon

man dressed in white 63
Description: high hopes

picking a man 15
Interpretation of the dream: slow realization

search a man 71
Translation: uncertainty as to overcome

humiliate a man 61
Dream description: important decision

sweet violet 84
Meaning: full success in every engagement

dress like a man 12
Translation of the dream: interests in danger

beating a man 12
Interpretation: ostentation of virtue

burn a man 15
Sense of the dream: sympathies dangerous

detest a man 38
What does it mean: impulsiveness in decisions

dishonor a man 26
Meaning of the dream: greed for money

revive a man 8
Description: failure to repair

thank a man 74
Interpretation of the dream: proof of confidence

man 6
Translation: your looks aggressive or competitive

bribe a man 10
Dream description: susceptibility

force a man 54
Meaning: lightness actions

rehabilitate a man 76
Translation of the dream: situation stable

cheating a man 23
Interpretation: initiatives not to disclose

offend a man 62
Sense of the dream: inner insecurity

Skull Man 7
What does it mean: sadness

console a man 56
Meaning of the dream: quiet life

reassure a man 11
Description: efforts rewarded

reward a man 36
Interpretation of the dream: new hope

poison a man 47
Translation: intentions misunderstood

man in black 12
Dream description: loss of property

kill a man 45
Meaning: serious damage

defame a man 72
Translation of the dream: passion short

save a man 60
Interpretation: enjoyable event

release a man 20
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

discredit a man 8
What does it mean: limited economic possibilities

suppress a man 45
Meaning of the dream: serious damage

dress open 70
Description: happy coexistence

grudge against a man 49
Interpretation of the dream: success in love

gift from a man 14
Translation: good view, happy

dress up as an old man 17
Dream description: need for reflection

lash on a man 60
Meaning: significant advancements

proud man 12
Translation of the dream: superficial knowledge

ugly man 9
Interpretation: Reports uncertain

crippled man 80
Sense of the dream: momentary setbacks

crazy man 88
What does it mean: extravagant ideas

brave man 70
Meaning of the dream: toward a goal

wary of a man 89
Description: dislike of a superior

abhor the man 84
Interpretation of the dream: hidden enmities

drowned man 19
Translation: sorrows

haughty man 48
Dream description: new knowledge

beautiful man 50
Meaning: balance of mind

good man 39
Translation of the dream: Revenge of jealousy

inhuman man 6
Interpretation: urgent business

industrious man 60
Sense of the dream: happy solutions

man softened 12
What does it mean: loss of property