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Dream of seeing flamingos. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream dream of seeing flamingos. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

flamingo 2
Meaning of the dream: You are able to realize your wishes

owls see this bird 61
Description: concerns

dig seeing 23
Interpretation of the dream: intense mental activity

suffer seeing 48
Translation: excellent physical condition

see a bear 10
Dream description: powerful enemies, rich, bold, cruel, but little skilled

see a city 73
Meaning: prosperity and good business

see a house 89
Translation of the dream: new friends

see a camel 18
Interpretation: magnetism exaggerated

see the pope 7
Sense of the dream: serenity of spirit

see a deer 83
What does it mean: increase in wealth

see a herd 12
Meaning of the dream: joy

see a spider 76
Description: mental laziness

see a clash 23
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with friends

see a mummy 63
Translation: quarrels

see a malefactor 30
Dream description: death of friends

see a rock 44
Meaning: distortion of the truth

see a hurricane 70
Translation of the dream: you are in crisis

see a village 9
Interpretation: commitments to avoid

see a monster 46
Sense of the dream: contrasts of love

see an airplane 8
What does it mean: some deception

see a lizard 48
Meaning of the dream: You have regrets of the past

see a pyre 21
Description: you will fall again in trespasses or sins

see a waterfall 37
Interpretation of the dream: goods in abundance

see a shrine 7
Translation: pleasant novelty

meow not to see the cat 32
Dream description: you can not tell who is calling you

see old 22
Meaning: intimate concerns

see demons (dreamed sick) 33
Translation of the dream: aid

see their father 65
Interpretation: tips to follow

see a sequin 81
Sense of the dream: attention to those people who want to harm

see a robot 66
What does it mean: good news

see their buttocks 52
Meaning of the dream: childhood

see the tiger 35
Description: chance of success

see an aborigine 32
Interpretation of the dream: energy on the rise

see an elephant 28
Translation: gratifying successes in battles

see a red kite 25
Dream description: I will be in contact with bad people, jealousy

see one with the turban 39
Meaning: unwelcome surprise

see a dying man 30
Translation of the dream: health hazard

bad dream 71
Interpretation: social prestige

see a naked woman 11
Sense of the dream: ambition, pride, desire unfulfilled

not see the curve 15
What does it mean: you let slip an opportunity

seeing double 6
Meaning of the dream: shyness exaggerated

see 5
Description: understanding and intellectual awareness

see a granite quarry 77
Interpretation of the dream: your position very stable

see more on the trapeze 2
Translation: pride and courage

see a rat in the field 2
Dream description: You will betray

see Beelzebub 11
Meaning: bad news or treason

see a woman in the swing 33
Translation of the dream: concerns passing

see a child in the swing 8
Interpretation: dangerous pitfalls

see an animal in the cave 44
Sense of the dream: everything will be for the better

see a nosy beast 77
What does it mean: attention to women