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Drawing torn. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream drawing torn. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

linen torn 11
Meaning of the dream: unjustified suspicions

torn envelope 24
Description: great activities

undershirt torn 67
Interpretation of the dream: position ensured

foil torn 43
Translation: passionate character

torn sheet 41
Dream description: intolerance of others

torn sheets 56
Meaning: risks inadvisable

mannequins torn 31
Translation of the dream: loss of use

torn curtain 20
Interpretation: ties secrets

coupon torn 38

page torn 43

coat torn 25

cassock torn 51

drawing 42
Interpretation of the dream: proposal to be rejected

sketching a drawing 11
Translation: will constructive

folder drawing 43
Dream description: Unbiased hotel reviews

lottery drawing 80
Meaning: carelessness in business

color a drawing 46
Translation of the dream: your imagination makes you see things different from what they really are

imitate a drawing 14
Interpretation: jealous people

nibs drawing 25
Sense of the dream: patiently waiting

drawing ridicule 8
What does it mean: small waiver

reproduce a drawing 10
Meaning of the dream: clarification as to give

drawing board 32
Description: impulsive decision

trace a drawing 84
Interpretation of the dream: concessions to do

drawing pens 86
Translation: Your diligence will be rewarded

drawing paper 76

drawing master 28

drawing coal 67

antechamber of attorney 13
Interpretation: bitterness in love

criminal attorney 16
Sense of the dream: union mismatched

attorney 55
What does it mean: not to entrust foreign aid

retouch drawings 68
Meaning of the dream: selfishness

stornello 20
Description: joy

see tornado (cyclone) 41
Interpretation of the dream: many enemies

attorney with toga 39

attorney in district court 28

imparting drawings 52

advice of an attorney 80