Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

drawing pens

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: drawing pens

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86 drawing pens
Your diligence will be rewarded

4 box of pens
reckless appreciations

7 pens beds
hassles and annoyances

42 drawing
proposal to be rejected

11 sketching a drawing
will constructive

43 folder drawing
Unbiased hotel reviews

80 lottery drawing
carelessness in business

46 color a drawing
your imagination makes you see things different from what they really are

14 imitate a drawing
jealous people

25 nibs drawing
patiently waiting

8 drawing ridicule
small waiver

10 reproduce a drawing
clarification as to give

32 drawing board
impulsive decision

84 trace a drawing
concessions to do

52 compensate
dangerous follies

7 compensate with money
dangerous follies

22 compensate with gifts
ambitious careerism

33 compensation
speculation undertaken not will fail

82 compensation earned
good omens

8 unearned compensation
painful decision

71 Appropriate compensation
luck changing

19 provide compensation
initiatives in love

84 fatigue compensated
regard and esteem

81 fatigue poorly compensated

58 list of expenses

30 suspension bridge
chaotic situation

8 expensive gift
enabling environment

52 become indispensable
economic improvement

34 reduced expenses
experience helpful

15 refuse compensation
rectitude and honesty

30 indemnify expenses
news that delay

68 retouch drawings

33 sacristan opens the church
sensitivity of mind

22 incur expenses
commitments to return