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Dove lands. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dove lands. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dove 20
Meaning of the dream: lucky in love

dove sick 21
Description: suffering from injustice

wounded dove 4
Interpretation of the dream: Work nagging

Dove flirting 8
Translation: you feel rejected by the female world

dove flying 26
Dream description: waste of money

dove eating 32
Meaning: misunderstandings and gossip

dove hatch 68
Translation of the dream: concerns passing

Easter dove 30
Interpretation: new relationships

dove making the nest 72
Sense of the dream: joy in love

dove on the roof 47
What does it mean: happiness innocent

kill the dove 6
Meaning of the dream: extortion of money

dove in the nest 10
Description: Fortunately for the home

dove on a tree 68
Interpretation of the dream: good wishes

dove in a cage 57
Translation: loving relationship countered

Dove drinking 35
Dream description: Secrets Revealed

dove cooing 5
Meaning: joys sentimental

have a dove 9
Translation of the dream: reconciliation in love

dead dove 33
Interpretation: projects that go awry

white pigeon 6
Sense of the dream: consolation, devotion, happy successful business undertaken for a purpose commendable

aviator who lands 36
What does it mean: new horizons

uncultivated land 5
Meaning of the dream: economic concerns

land sown 22
Description: benefits from work

purchase of land 14
Interpretation of the dream: await disappointments

dove wound 35
Translation: treachery

pigeon pecking 10
Dream description: imaginative ideas

pigeon on the sown 7
Meaning: nervousness and intolerance

pigeon with palm 27
Translation of the dream: friendships are strengthened

pave land 46
Interpretation: extravagant ideas

assess land 74
Sense of the dream: inner satisfaction

flooding of land 53
What does it mean: indifference to others

amassing land 57
Meaning of the dream: support to be given to relatives

of land subsidence 86
Description: requests from relatives

collect land 16
Interpretation of the dream: exceptional strength

beak pigeon 75
Translation: offer support

wings of pigeon 16
Dream description: treachery

pigeon meat 63
Meaning: violent emotions

aircraft landing 8
Translation of the dream: abundance of goods

airplane landing 54
Interpretation: abundance

sell land 2
Sense of the dream: tension and concerns

wood pigeon 83
What does it mean: sad period

barter of land 48
Meaning of the dream: incompatibility of character

little turtledove 59
Description: faithfulness

pigeon house or dovecote 87
Interpretation of the dream: you get married soon

settle land 87
Translation: confused

redeem land 39
Dream description: accentuated selfishness

bequest of land 67
Meaning: support to be given to relatives

opening of land 27
Translation of the dream: laziness and poverty

painting of a pigeon 83
Interpretation: vanity

see the land sown with millet 13
Sense of the dream: great riches

lowland 45
What does it mean: new interests

turtledove 63
Meaning of the dream: enmities

Moor 23
Description: some contrast passenger

swallows land 45
Interpretation of the dream: wisdom of the groom or the bride

grassy land 43
Translation: happy omen for the dreamer