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Dove lands. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dove lands. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

aviator who lands 36

dove 20
Description: lucky in love

have a dove 9
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation in love

dove flying 26
Translation: waste of money

dove hatch 68
Dream description: concerns passing

dove eating 32
Meaning: misunderstandings and gossip

Dove drinking 35
Translation of the dream: Secrets Revealed

dove sick 21
Interpretation: suffering from injustice

wounded dove 4
Sense of the dream: Work nagging

dead dove 33
What does it mean: projects that go awry

Easter dove 30
Meaning of the dream: new relationships

kill the dove 6
Description: extortion of money

dove in the nest 10
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately for the home

dove in a cage 57
Translation: loving relationship countered

dove on the roof 47
Dream description: happiness innocent

dove on a tree 68
Meaning: good wishes

dove cooing 5
Translation of the dream: joys sentimental

dove wound 35
Interpretation: treachery

Dove flirting 8

dove making the nest 72
What does it mean: joy in love

abandon their homeland 85
Meaning of the dream: loss of friends

inhabitant of an island 49
Description: indissoluble union

abhor slanderers 3
Interpretation of the dream: interesting news

airplane landing 54
Translation: abundance

landlady woman 43
Dream description: moral flexibility

amassing land 57
Meaning: support to be given to relatives

philander 20
Translation of the dream: important news

nice landscape 41
Interpretation: threads unnerving

woodland 54
Sense of the dream: nuisances, disturbances and discontent

landscape ugly 88
What does it mean: ingratitude of friends

see a boatman on land or by boat 77
Meaning of the dream: Good news

landing 2
Description: you are realistic

landing difficult 5
Interpretation of the dream: lacks objectivity

slander 56
Translation: losing in consideration

slander a parent 41
Dream description: Excessive volatility

slander a son 19
Meaning: mishaps to overcome

slander a brother 2
Translation of the dream: loss of security

slander a relative 50
Interpretation: little constancy in work

slandering a friend 29
Sense of the dream: unrealizable hopes

slander a neighbor 58
What does it mean: threat from a friend

slanderous gossip 70
Meaning of the dream: misjudgements

bland food 47
Description: misunderstanding clarified

seasoning bland 63
Interpretation of the dream: lack of control

contemplate a landscape 9
Translation: curiosity satisfied

describe a landscape 55
Dream description: proposals flattering

paint landscapes 57
Meaning: peace of mind

draw landscapes 10
Translation of the dream: feelings of sympathy

dispel slander 52
Interpretation: increase of consideration