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Dough for donuts. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dough for donuts. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dough for donuts 65
Meaning of the dream: something or someone you admire

dough for pancakes 64
Description: popularity and success

flatten the dough 67
Interpretation of the dream: leisure and zest for life

oven with donuts 40
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

Bread dough 42
Dream description: combination cheated

bake donuts 60
Meaning: unjustified animosity

small donuts 18
Translation of the dream: trouble

mixing dough 66
Interpretation: eventful period

sugarcoated dough 55
Sense of the dream: new initiatives

dough cutter 63
What does it mean: period that you're just humble

forkful of pasta 56
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings and delays

dunking donuts 65
Description: does not devote sufficient attention to your love life

flour paste 59
Interpretation of the dream: quiet life

puff pastry 1
Translation: prudence with relatives

almond paste 56
Dream description: understanding in love

pasta for noodles 3
Meaning: you want to undertake something new

flour fritters 16
Translation of the dream: clarifications

salt cod fritters 50
Interpretation: unexpected aid

cool pasta 77
Sense of the dream: pleasures and satisfactions

boil the pasta 7
What does it mean: negative issues in love

Mass for dead 17
Meaning of the dream: sensuality exaggerated

pasta with potatoes 38
Description: caution and watch out for enemies

pasta with corn 12
Interpretation of the dream: recognized merit

dumpling flour 47
Translation: trouble in a major project

baked pasta 58
Dream description: fruitful collaboration

Mass of stones 26
Meaning: you are not very sensitive to the circumstances

shaped pasta 16
Translation of the dream: stasis in the affective

mass of ice 69
Interpretation: hopes impossible

soil mass 56
Sense of the dream: new knowledge

gypsum mass 85
What does it mean: you do not feel independent

respond to the mass 89
Meaning of the dream: aspirations fulfilled

mass of snow 12
Description: adventures difficult

mass of money 68
Interpretation of the dream: excessive impressionability

drain pasta 26
Translation: money refund

rice fritters 47
Dream description: favorable agreements

pasta with sauce 10
Meaning: to avoid provocations

pasta with clams 72
Translation of the dream: fickle mood

mass 26
Interpretation: marital fidelity

fresh pasta 21
Sense of the dream: great satisfaction

pasta fettuccine 36
What does it mean: momentary satisfaction

layette for newborn 58
Meaning of the dream: remember you are pregnant or next pregnancy

dumpling with sauce 87
Description: deserved punishment

master for the sick to death 9
Interpretation of the dream: beautiful but littlebenefiting things

enrich for work 36
Translation: unclouded happiness

pasta with eggs 9
Dream description: dissatisfaction and sadness

enrich for winning 23
Meaning: love declaration

season pasta 11
Translation of the dream: changing character

soup pasta 80
Interpretation: loss to the game

pasta with butter 75
Sense of the dream: benevolent people

furniture for sale 80
What does it mean: improvement in business