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Door closed circle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream door closed circle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

closed door 4
Meaning of the dream: great disappointment

closed large door 32
Description: sorrows and worries

circle 80
Interpretation of the dream: excellent prospects

iron circle 48
Translation: rivalry in love

wooden circle 17
Dream description: protection and aid

metal circle 36
Meaning: envy

golden circle 16
Translation of the dream: false mirages

silver circle 31
Interpretation: waivers painful

copper circle 46
Sense of the dream: good health

circle of aluminum 76
What does it mean: intrigue hidden

circle of the barrel 70
Meaning of the dream: Effective collaboration

play with the circle 9
Description: lack of courage

draw a circle 51
Interpretation of the dream: possibility to exploit

circle of nobles 38
Translation: benefits from the profession

circle of students 61
Dream description: lasting joys

circle of literati 12
Meaning: desire for independence

Circle popular 29
Translation of the dream: great ideas

circle of game 58
Interpretation: squabbles interest

circle of hunting 88
Sense of the dream: lucky trip

part of a circle 17
What does it mean: new friends

be expelled from the circle 3
Meaning of the dream: compromising friendships

circle basins 86

circle vats 34

bronze circle 41

broken circle 66

zinc circle 19

bright circle 26

perfect circle 81

artistic circle 64

Catholic circle 38

literary circle 15

widen the circle of acquaintances 51
Description: new openings in the labor

Closed cabinet 7
Interpretation of the dream: inspirations successful

Gate closed 80
Translation: small obstacles

It is closed in the cell 40
Dream description: wrongdoing

church closed 30
Meaning: dangers to be avoided

manhole closed 68
Translation of the dream: repentance useless

closed hood 16
Interpretation: interference of outsiders

closed oven 20
Sense of the dream: some bitter quarrel

closed padlock 65
What does it mean: laziness harmful

stock closed 34
Meaning of the dream: momentary difficulties

closed eyes 72
Description: poor luck

building closed 37
Interpretation of the dream: difficult and risky business

parachute closed 89
Translation: need for a final choice

closed shutter 68
Dream description: inhibitions and fears

smells closed 81
Meaning: affective inconstancy

closed eyelid 50
Translation of the dream: You are indifferent

sparse closed 31
Interpretation: right judgment

restaurant closed 18
Sense of the dream: tiredness

delicatessen closed 14
What does it mean: problems to be solved

shelf closed 14
Meaning of the dream: confidences to keep secret

closed compartment 19
Description: greater independence

closed casket 41
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with a young