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Door bed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream door bed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wrong door 4
Meaning of the dream: lack of self-confidence

door 18
Description: boredom, fatigue

secret door 18
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

comfortable bed 33
Translation: love happy

inlaid bed 40
Dream description: embarrassment in the family

low bed 54
Meaning: friendships safe

open the door 1
Translation of the dream: new relationships

open door 68
Interpretation: harmony of relationships

knock on the door 4
Sense of the dream: nostalgic spirit

barricade the door 68
What does it mean: fleeting joys

walnut bed 62
Meaning of the dream: danger of leakage

bar the door 10
Description: hasty actions

fix a door 18
Interpretation of the dream: envy declared

door burglarized 74
Translation: risk dangerous

broken door 73
Dream description: scarce energy

iron bed 50
Meaning: weak hopes

creaking door 59
Translation of the dream: gossip and intrigue

unhinge a door 74
Interpretation: betrayal of a friend

bed of soldiers 88
Sense of the dream: waste of time

large door 24
What does it mean: favorable agreements

door ajar 9
Meaning of the dream: loving relationships

burning bed 5
Description: intellectual abilities

dirty bed 54
Interpretation of the dream: contested goods

broken bed 77
Translation: important innovations and changes

uncomfortable bed 76
Dream description: novelty and personal success

canopy bed 70
Meaning: new ties

glazed door 65
Translation of the dream: you're bewildered

open a door or gate 5
Interpretation: quarrels with neighbors

door knocker 27
Sense of the dream: Good news

lower the bed 64
What does it mean: threads unnerving

slide the door 25
Meaning of the dream: unfounded jealousy

wooden bed 35
Description: new commitments to be

veneer bed 58
Interpretation of the dream: home projects

strip the bed 6
Translation: intruders

brass bed 74
Dream description: good faith betrayed

bed 4
Meaning: rest, security

royal bed 40
Translation of the dream: change of situation

a door seal 48
Interpretation: declining health

force a door 56
Sense of the dream: fantasy lit

share a bed 63
What does it mean: possibility of gains

door with the key inserted 86
Meaning of the dream: interesting new possibilities

closed door 4
Description: great disappointment

open wide the door 70
Interpretation of the dream: intelligence vivid

bed in flames 42
Translation: delusions of grandeur

look out the door 88
Dream description: happy change

pillows per bed 22
Meaning: you are slow in making a decision

break through a door 4
Translation of the dream: contrasts work

in the door 46
Interpretation: solutions of heart problems

revolving door 17
Sense of the dream: new interests

close to the door 9
What does it mean: lasting commitment

double bed 60
Meaning of the dream: open struggle in family

wooden door 69
Description: hard work

high bed 10
Interpretation of the dream: some bitter quarrel

marring bed 53
Translation: action by trade

unmade bed 81
Dream description: fleeting joys

resting on a bed 86
Meaning: optimism and confidence