Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

donning a nun

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: donning a nun

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47 donning a nun
great honor

13 nun
bodes well for future projects and finances

45 see nun
desire for honors

64 old nun
Useful experiences

16 see a nun

40 be a nun
uncertain business

89 dress nun
bad innuendo

23 sick with the nun
good marriages

60 umbilical nun
divergences and struggles

80 nun nurse
gratitude welcome

8 singing nun
serenity reports

2 nun begging
secret adventure

26 nun sick
joy and satisfaction

87 nun died
sad loss

68 nun in the convent
quiet life

84 nun in church
interesting news

71 nun in the parlor
pointless chatter

32 cloistered nun
good business

44 young nun
passion unsatisfied

74 nun praying
pleasant surprise

18 nun to grate
abandonment and sadness

84 nun with children
obstacles to be faced

19 meet a nun
malicious gossip

58 dress up as a nun
dangerous projects

85 veil nun
sentimental indecision

90 virgin who gets nun
kindness of relatives

2 dressing up as a nun
heightened sensitivity

18 clothing nun

30 crowding of nuns
displeasure by a relative

19 to house nuns

19 stay nuns

25 orphanage with nuns
sentimental fulfillment

8 Church with nuns
talk to neighbors

55 cloister nuns
concerns writings

53 cloistered nuns
minor setbacks

56 convent of nuns
understanding from friends

62 choir of nuns
contrasts in love

73 denunciation
family trouble

43 denunciation of marriage
family trouble

69 meet with nuns
infidelity of the beloved

11 multitude of nuns
envy and unfairness

3 hear singing nuns

20 see nuns
You will be known as pious people

67 refectory with nuns
impressionability exaggerated

67 st. Donnino
a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm