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Dog breaking a shoe. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dog breaking a shoe. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dog catcher who takes a dog 23
Meaning of the dream: limited freedom

strap shoe 28
Description: victory over enemies

shoe salesman 72
Interpretation of the dream: gain

break shoe 44
Translation: exaggerated pride

shoe patched 87
Dream description: great fortune

mending a shoe 87
Meaning: great fortune

shoe boxes 71
Translation of the dream: secret desires

shoe brush 23
Interpretation: good chance

heel of the shoe 3
Sense of the dream: quarrel

base shoe 4
What does it mean: magnification of fortune

Nail shoe 8

mule shoe 9

shoe forms 68

dog catcher who does not take the dog 16
Translation: amorous adventures

breaking 6
Dream description: big problems we'd like to get rid

breaking auction 38
Meaning: fatigue

breaking glass 36
Translation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

breaking ribs 7
Interpretation: discord to married

breaking palisade 42
Sense of the dream: ill will

breaking glasses 2
What does it mean: generosity and enthusiasm

breaking windows 27
Meaning of the dream: danger to a family

breaking a mirror 29
Description: painful separation

breaking bread 40
Interpretation of the dream: good harmony in the family

breaking heels 70
Translation: trip to return

breaking the teapot 9
Dream description: mild illness

breaking eggs 45
Meaning: sorrows

breaking pottery 77
Translation of the dream: Discussions with family

breaking a promise 22
Interpretation: difficult relationships

breaking chickpeas 84

breaking almonds 48

breaking nuts 21

breaking car 88

breaking furniture 75

breaking hazelnuts 32

dog 6
Dream description: do not forget your friends

take a dog 30
Meaning: professional concerns

their dog barking 5
Translation of the dream: help from someone close

pet the dog 19
Interpretation: faithfulness

dog drowned 15
Sense of the dream: increased work

incite a dog 79
What does it mean: harassment of friends

kill a dog 15
Meaning of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

dachshund dog 62
Description: happiness

barking dog 36
Interpretation of the dream: small delays

dog sleeping 32
Translation: programs to be reviewed

dog eating 61
Dream description: Useful corrections

dog bites 52
Meaning: broken promises

small dog 21
Translation of the dream: financial worries

big dog 12
Interpretation: love relationships

healthy dog 17
Sense of the dream: affection won

sick dog 40
What does it mean: incomprehension of relatives

lost dog 41
Meaning of the dream: need for serenity

dog found 52
Description: jealousy avoided

dog poisoned 85
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings with your loved one

chained dog 62
Translation: unpleasant surprises

dog in freedom 72
Dream description: visits and further meetings

white dog 23
Meaning: promising start

Red Dog 27
Translation of the dream: conclusion of business

black Dog 13
Interpretation: betrayal of friends

hunting dog 6
Sense of the dream: ideas to be clarified

dog for the blind 42
What does it mean: vivacity of spirit

police dog 40
Meaning of the dream: enterprising temperament

dog breed 52
Description: new projects

bastard dog 26
Interpretation of the dream: concerns family

angry dog 49
Translation: nervousness and impulsiveness

injured dog 51
Dream description: need for diplomacy

call the dog 69
Meaning: important relationships

blind dog 8
Translation of the dream: interesting news

tail dog 9
Interpretation: need a lot of patience

dog collar 6
Sense of the dream: consolation

dog's tooth 58
What does it mean: serenity and optimism

cerberus (dog) 65
Meaning of the dream: the punishment for the culprits

whistle to the dog 12
Description: good friendships

playing with the dog 89
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

dog bite 70
Translation: sorrows and struggles

dog snout 48
Dream description: reconciliation with a joint

dog with the bone 84
Meaning: friendship poorly paid

dog haystack 67
Translation of the dream: peaceful relations

shepherd with dog 24
Interpretation: sincere affection