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Do not give weight. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream do not give weight. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

weight 39
Meaning of the dream: help from a friend

gram (weight) 60
Description: fortune in businesses

hold a weight 66
Interpretation of the dream: lucrative job

defraud weight 23
Translation: irascibility

calculate weight 40
Dream description: initiatives guess

enclosure Weight 26
Meaning: interesting novelty

reduce weight 71
Translation of the dream: impressionability

raise up a weight 6
Interpretation: right insights

control weight 34
Sense of the dream: hopes dashed

lost weight 1
What does it mean: concerns or disputes

lose weight 68
Meaning of the dream: sorrow, loss of money or causes

sell by weight 40
Description: contrasts to resize

have a weight attached to the ears 47
Interpretation of the dream: frantic life

weight scale 29
Translation: obtain justice after allegations deserve

weight load 58
Dream description: excessive shyness

lose weight for the heat 52
Meaning: trip thwarted

a diet to lose weight 28
Translation of the dream: intolerance and nervousness

put on weight 49
Interpretation: immoderate desires, bad success

lose weight for fatigue 18
Sense of the dream: important decisions

lose weight for a disease 81
What does it mean: high feelings

weight loss diet 42
Meaning of the dream: success in business

support weights 63
Description: economic problems

give reason 85
Interpretation of the dream: faithfulness in love

Weighing coffee 20
Translation: resentment unfair

give slippers 23
Dream description: clear ideas and positive

give feathers 17
Meaning: painful emotional crisis

give fruit 70
Translation of the dream: physical

give paintings 40
Interpretation: creative intelligence

give cards 88
Sense of the dream: Councils concerned

lighten weights 3
What does it mean: deserved awards

general give 6
Meaning of the dream: anxieties and concerns

give slaps 61
Description: ambition and pride

give a calming 20
Interpretation of the dream: amazement

give the strennas 84
Translation: great desire for the good of others

measures and weights 33
Dream description: You are a slave of prejudices

give a memory 27
Meaning: need saving

give reason to the enemy 19
Translation of the dream: You deny your ideas for fear

give sleeping pills to others 89
Interpretation: behavior to be corrected

give wine to a teetotaler 58
Sense of the dream: not involve other people in the way you live

give 28
What does it mean: It must give more in some relationship or situation

give to drink 2
Meaning of the dream: artistic interests

give tulips 38
Description: emotional satisfaction

give loan 47
Interpretation of the dream: discussions and criticism

give chess 16
Translation: agreement sentimental

give foods 24
Dream description: security and prudence

give primroses 8
Meaning: malicious gossip

give earring 6
Translation of the dream: You have regard for a person

give a mouthpiece 89
Interpretation: understanding from friends

give Pearl 38
Sense of the dream: do a snub

give objects 61
What does it mean: plot foiled

give verbena 49
Meaning of the dream: confidence to be accorded

give receipt 28
Description: bargains