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Do motor diesel. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream do motor diesel. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

diesel 48
Meaning of the dream: business view

boat motor 78
Description: quarrelsome

electric motor 73
Interpretation of the dream: forced reconciliation

trawler motor 58
Translation: proposals to sift

reactivate a motor 21
Dream description: goodwill

hydraulic motor 7
Meaning: dispute with family

navigate motor 4
Translation of the dream: you are very sure of yourself

engine 34
Interpretation: inner struggle

rocket motor 61
Sense of the dream: restlessness and agitation

motor coil 9
What does it mean: stubbornness and obstinacy

check engine 6
Meaning of the dream: plans for the future

flooding the engine 74
Description: difficulties will be overcome as soon as possible

disassemble an engine 28
Interpretation of the dream: physical strength

accelerate the engine 79
Translation: secret protections

gas engine 72
Dream description: minor glitches

engine airplane 54
Meaning: appreciations hasty

motor vehicle 20
Translation of the dream: irritating issues

adjust an engine 65
Interpretation: reconciliation at home

roar of an engine 75
Sense of the dream: failures

start an engine or a machine 53
What does it mean: Useful Buying

do anteroom 17
Meaning of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

do knight 12
Description: unexpected revelations

do the watchmaker 20
Interpretation of the dream: imagination and fantasy

do relations 25
Translation: constant friendship

do the goldsmith 75
Dream description: Danger averted

do the servant 80
Meaning: Fears for the future

do the pimp 49
Translation of the dream: safety and protection

do the callus 17
Interpretation: ticklish situation

do other embassy 67
Sense of the dream: hard work

motor scooters 63
What does it mean: awareness of their quality

do injury 17
Meaning of the dream: dangers

do quarantine 20
Description: great melancholy

do charity 51
Interpretation of the dream: you have some economic difficulties

do selfcertification 45
Translation: you feel challenged by someone

do the tickling 1
Dream description: disease

do advertising 11
Meaning: discord with friends

do the printer 6
Translation of the dream: you believe you haven't been clear with people

do an outrage 16
Interpretation: hatred dormant

do poem 36
Sense of the dream: life force

do the grocer 5
What does it mean: good business

do the bartender 37
Meaning of the dream: change of position

do embroidery 18
Description: joy without profit

do a cheer 21
Interpretation of the dream: dangers

do Eggnog 23
Translation: wellness and health

do chamomile 31
Dream description: be patient

do the apothecary 4
Meaning: you are too insincere to take chances

do the dedication 18
Translation of the dream: new initiatives

do the clown 49
Interpretation: superficiality of relationships

do a headset 87
Sense of the dream: solid friendships

do multiplication tables 52
What does it mean: economic situations stalled

maturity do the exam 47
Meaning of the dream: do not consider yourself to the occasion

foil do 10
Description: intimate problems

do stockings 14
Interpretation of the dream: success in love

nastiness do 85
Translation: unexpressed feelings

do condolences 2
Dream description: unhappiness for love

do penance 18
Meaning: good social position