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Dive on the reef. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dive on the reef. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dive from the trampoline 80
Meaning of the dream: unusual circumstances

coral reef 44
Description: need saving

dive from a boat 74
Interpretation of the dream: decisions to return

to dive 46
Translation: ambitious projects

dive from a bridge 35
Dream description: economic complications

oyster on the rock 3
Meaning: jealousy and threads

dive into a river 16
Translation of the dream: physical endurance

climb on a rock 16
Interpretation: careful with money

airplane dive 62
Sense of the dream: you received within a short time a completely unexpected news

work on coral 13
What does it mean: nervousness and rancor

immerse yourself in the pleasures 29
Meaning of the dream: sincerity counterproductive

eagle on the emblem 12
Description: correspondence with good news

put corals 18
Interpretation of the dream: resentment and bitterness

fins diving 54
Translation: Do you need help

interlocking corals 48
Dream description: supports important

falling into a ravine 3
Meaning: trip to return

get into a dive 22
Translation of the dream: poor luck

row of corals 42
Interpretation: to strengthen relations

plunge in business 26
Sense of the dream: waste of time

bumping into a rock 82
What does it mean: difficult days

immerse yourself in thoughts 9
Meaning of the dream: throwback

plunging into a river 12
Description: work to streamline

immerse yourself in the water 49
Interpretation of the dream: instincts to curb

build on a rock 17
Translation: vivid imagination

spider on him 11
Dream description: selfish concerns

He pees on 84
Meaning: thwarted love

walk on precipice in mountains 67
Translation of the dream: Try not to trust too much about the people you know recently

louse on him 17
Interpretation: you're annoyed by someone

gnaw on the bone 41
Sense of the dream: are you trying to find useless things

scorpion on him 59
What does it mean: physical discomfort

sick on stretchers 50
Meaning of the dream: exploitation by friends

bucket on the well 71
Description: displays of affection

Printing on leather 33
Interpretation of the dream: amazing adventures

upon seeing insects 58
Translation: you ll get into trouble

engrave on wood 36
Dream description: tiring work albeit with very positive results

paint on glass 38
Meaning: unwillingness

wear armour 42
Translation of the dream: constant work

punches on the face 38
Interpretation: misguidance

slipping on ice 63
Sense of the dream: affirmation difficult

bet on dogs 49
What does it mean: optimism

walking on glass 1
Meaning of the dream: impulsiveness and nervousness

mold on bread 13
Description: unexpected inheritance

beaten on the arms 43
Interpretation of the dream: anger and quarrels

Oil on the hair 16
Translation: coming wonders

mold on objects 67
Dream description: It seems to throw away your time

wrap up on deck 80
Meaning: exaggerated sentimentality

stepping on objects 89
Translation of the dream: to take responsibility

swinging on the hammock 36
Interpretation: sorrows passing

walking on grass 84
Sense of the dream: Safety in the daily struggle