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Dishes fallen. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dishes fallen. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fallen tree 31
Meaning of the dream: quarrels love

fallen fruit 72
Description: presumption punished

elm fallen 31
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels of love

fallen oak 31
Translation: quarrels of love

raise a fallen 68
Dream description: loyalty and kindness

fallen log 25
Meaning: dangerous fantasies

fallen from a title 88

Countess fallen 29

dishes 40
Sense of the dream: bullshitting with modest people procure dislikes

taste dishes 67
What does it mean: happy news

burn dishes 76
Meaning of the dream: coherence in

pack dishes 25
Description: crucial meeting

dirty dishes 40
Interpretation of the dream: conciliatory spirit

antique dishes 42
Translation: good relations with the elderly

oval dishes 30
Dream description: impossible love

buy dishes 35
Meaning: good business practice

rack for dishes 27
Translation of the dream: expenses to be addressed

washing up dishes 16
Interpretation: self confidence

salt dishes 38
Sense of the dream: friendships concerned

shelf with dishes 31
What does it mean: judgments little goals

shelf for dishes 33
Meaning of the dream: unexpected meeting

hurl dishes 60
Description: successful completion of tests

rinse dishes 13
Interpretation of the dream: increasing business

wash dishes 57
Translation: positive energy

table dishes 65
Dream description: rebellion useless

portion of dishes 9

hair disheveled 71
Translation of the dream: instability in marriages

bunch of radishes 27
Interpretation: great aspirations

radishes 20
Sense of the dream: great aspirations

white radishes 6
What does it mean: jealousy and suspicion

red radishes 65
Meaning of the dream: good health

radishes in bunches 19
Description: mistrust to be overcome

radishes in the garden 8
Interpretation of the dream: temporary irritation

buy radishes 34
Translation: pleasant invitation

sell radishes 70
Dream description: exhausting wait

eat radishes 16
Meaning: diligence in work

dishearten 31

dishevel 59

disheveled 61