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Disease red dots. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream disease red dots. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

red lilies 75
Meaning of the dream: greed for money

Red fishes 13
Description: contentment, delight

tie dots 8
Interpretation of the dream: favorable solution

red tulips 59
Translation: requited love

Red eyes 35
Dream description: Health Concerns

red horses 30
Meaning: prosperity

red radishes 65
Translation of the dream: good health

red prawns 38
Interpretation: emotional crisis

red buttercups 17
Sense of the dream: nervous tension

nerve disease 5
What does it mean: Fortunately by women

Red lips 63
Meaning of the dream: good health

disease 29
Description: job loss, or even prestige

red beans 82
Interpretation of the dream: harassing criticism

red eyelashes 77
Translation: pleasant adventures

agitated disease 30
Dream description: bad time health

deadly disease 59
Meaning: good omens

wasting disease 63
Translation of the dream: practical achievements

livid disease 72
Interpretation: care

kiss red lips (woman) 74
Sense of the dream: cheerfulness

have a disease 30
What does it mean: insecurity

contracting a disease 14
Meaning of the dream: spirit stingy

spreading disease 31
Description: concerns transitional

simulate a disease 30
Interpretation of the dream: strange moods

kiss red lips (of man) 61
Translation: astuteness

disease of animals 16
Dream description: strong sense of justice

consumed by disease 43
Meaning: recovery of energy

red lips pale 76
Translation of the dream: weakness

red lips wounds 54
Interpretation: illness or even betrayal

red lips dry 31
Sense of the dream: hard time

psychiatrist with disease 88
What does it mean: extravagances harmful

biting red lips 87
Meaning of the dream: repentance

eradicate a disease 51
Description: impulsivity and dissatisfaction

red pomegranate seeds 40
Interpretation of the dream: considerable profit

plant disease 7
Translation: if you could confide more you would be lighter and more graceful

slumped to illness 48
Dream description: slander

neglected disease 6
Meaning: dynamism

Red peppers 88
Translation of the dream: sociability and sympathy

red clouds 18
Interpretation: moments of anger

disease passing 27
Sense of the dream: complicated problems

Red hair 48
What does it mean: separation for a chat

red apples 69
Meaning of the dream: interesting novelty

red plums 78
Description: exchange of gifts

Red roses 59
Interpretation of the dream: burning Love

exhausted by disease 30
Translation: Perfect Health

die of disease 85
Dream description: good luck

aggravation of disease 73
Meaning: true friendship

diagnosis of a disease 61
Translation of the dream: budding love

childhood disease 53
Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

bouquet with red flowers 22
Sense of the dream: dangers

infectious disease 78
What does it mean: impossible love

red mustache 40
Meaning of the dream: collapse of illusions

red berries 79
Description: great charm

spread disease 12
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy

chronic disease 6
Translation: squabbles interest

Anthrax disease 56
Dream description: you will make a visit worthwhile

Red awl 63
Meaning: strong emotions in love

contagious disease 18
Translation of the dream: unexpected rescue

Red earth 38
Interpretation: anxieties and fears

endure an illness 56
Sense of the dream: good health

prolong illness 44
What does it mean: lack of indulgence