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Dirty towel stool. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dirty towel stool. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dirty towel 18
Meaning of the dream: rapid progress

towel 70
Description: need to deal with your emotions so you move forward in your life

white towel 80
Interpretation of the dream: favorable circumstances

clean towel 4
Translation: deceit uncovered

wash towel 33
Dream description: negative emotions

towel cloth 21
Meaning: difficult days

fold towel 68
Translation of the dream: agreements to be taken

towel route 7
Interpretation: you regret the past

embroidered towel 14
Sense of the dream: morbid love

terry towel 20
What does it mean: important decisions to make

towel new 38
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated ambition

colored towel 71
Description: opposition to rivals

ironing a towel 14
Interpretation of the dream: desires and hopes

bath towel 46
Translation: Most security

use the towel 16
Dream description: social relations thesis

cotton towel 59
Meaning: eventful trip

buy a towel 32
Translation of the dream: contrasts with your loved one

dirty washcloth 68
Interpretation: constructive energy

dirty storeroom 6
Sense of the dream: quick decision

stool analysis 52
What does it mean: loneliness

dirty miner 67
Meaning of the dream: you feel age

stool 1
Description: penalties and unnecessary worries

dirty end 18
Interpretation of the dream: revenge on enemies

dirty bed 54
Translation: contested goods

dirty house 40
Dream description: practical achievements

dirty child 64
Meaning: liberation from commitments harassing

dirty town 25
Translation of the dream: economic improvements

dirty knife 22
Interpretation: commitments unwelcome

fountain dirty 63
Sense of the dream: sudden impediments

dirty companion 53
What does it mean: thwarted love

cover dirty 72
Meaning of the dream: fads

Dirty water 90
Description: good news

electric towel 40
Interpretation of the dream: opposition in family

dirty snow 4
Translation: discretion and prudence

nose dirty 86
Dream description: new creative energy

dirty hotel 37
Meaning: fickle love

dirty hotel room 6
Translation of the dream: you fear in undertaking a project

dirty pee 33
Interpretation: you feel rejected

dirty money 7
Sense of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

dirty diaper 65
What does it mean: trip likely

dirty handkerchief 4
Meaning of the dream: betrayal of love

dirty business 43
Description: regret for lost opportunities

Dirty Napkin 17
Interpretation of the dream: relationships unclear

dirty shirt 84
Translation: concern for parents

dirty face 22
Dream description: prosperity and abundance

coat dirty 69
Meaning: lack of decision

collar dirty 81
Translation of the dream: Hidden Danger

dirty apron 75
Interpretation: failure

piano stool 8
Sense of the dream: satisfactions by young

dirty undershirt 37
What does it mean: hard times

dirty cassock 62
Meaning of the dream: satisfactory results

dirty gauze 87
Description: voyage

dirty petticoat 62
Interpretation of the dream: diligence and perseverance in work

dirty pillowcase 50
Translation: a person close not sincere and hiding his true thoughts