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Dinner with priests. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dinner with priests. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dinner with priests 49
Meaning of the dream: self-confidence

meet with priests 87
Description: new offers

dinner only 68
Interpretation of the dream: ingratitude to a friend

dinner with military 4
Translation: Tangible evidence of friendship

woman with priests 36
Dream description: you need security

conversation between priests 45
Meaning: crucial meeting

dinner with men 8
Translation of the dream: advantages at the expense of other

dinner with women 5
Interpretation: Failure of a deal

dinner with parents 76
Sense of the dream: want made

refectory with priests 72
What does it mean: new annoyances

cloister with priests 70
Meaning of the dream: coincidences

stop with priests 16
Description: business acumen

lunch with priests 49
Interpretation of the dream: very intense and strong relationship with a new acquaintance

dinner with the children 48
Translation: encouraging results

dinner 43
Dream description: a happy event, which could be the birth of a child or the arrival of a loved one

dinner with relatives 11
Meaning: lack of confidence

dinner with her lover 29
Translation of the dream: rebellion to their own state

call to dinner 12
Interpretation: enthusiasm shared

multitude of priests 72
Sense of the dream: crisis of despair

altercation between priests 1
What does it mean: expenses to avoid

see priests 24
Meaning of the dream: irritation and impatience

important dinner 10
Description: changing opinions

dinner with her husband 46
Interpretation of the dream: threads to avoid

church with priests 73
Translation: tranquility of mind

oratory with priests 90
Dream description: uncertainties in the job

discord among priests 40
Meaning: mental balance

dinner with his wife 5
Translation of the dream: experiences dubious

dinner at sea 21
Interpretation: misjudgements

stay priests 15
Sense of the dream: News coming soon

kissing priests 65
What does it mean: complicated hurdles to overcome

priests hike 67
Meaning of the dream: good health

priests playing 13
Description: secret betrayed

whip up dinner 68
Interpretation of the dream: exhibitionism exaggerated

profane priests 17
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

ordain priests 13
Dream description: material difficulties

hearty dinner 84
Meaning: joy in family

dinner in the hotel 71
Translation of the dream: possibility of trip

sacristy priests 54
Interpretation: profitless joy

dinner in family 28
Sense of the dream: new projects

invite to dinner 80
What does it mean: distrust in the near

dinner with friends 82
Meaning of the dream: momentary satisfaction

pay for dinner 81
Description: successful completion of a deal

dinner at home 86
Interpretation of the dream: constancy in work

great dinner 83
Translation: much dinner

rule of priests 4
Dream description: willingness iron

meeting of priests 29
Meaning: insult received

harboring priests 15
Translation of the dream: News coming soon

Congress of priests 15
Interpretation: cures and cares

poor dinner 25
Sense of the dream: passing relationships

dinner in the refectory 10
What does it mean: unjust humiliation