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Dig mushrooms. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dig mushrooms. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mushrooms 43
Meaning of the dream: the end of a friendship or a partnership

dig 22
Description: you work too much to try to discover the truth in a problem on your trail

dig a well 58
Interpretation of the dream: disagreements with family

dig seeing 23
Translation: intense mental activity

poisoned with mushrooms 80
Dream description: Money on the rise

dig the hole 74
Meaning: discomforts passengers

dig up a dead 14
Translation of the dream: infidelity

dig up a live 50
Interpretation: terrible misfortune

dig the grave 82
Sense of the dream: sad omen

raw mushrooms 51
What does it mean: difficult career

cooked mushrooms 48
Meaning of the dream: indecision dangerous

dried mushrooms 50
Description: unforeseen obstacles

poisonous mushrooms 83
Interpretation of the dream: thwarted love

mushrooms in oil 18
Translation: nervousness and intolerance

Pickled mushrooms 47
Dream description: good deals

eat mushrooms 27
Meaning: exaggerated pride

collect mushrooms 34
Translation of the dream: ingratitude to a friend

dig gold 67
Interpretation: satisfaction

dig roots 17
Sense of the dream: strong feelings

dig the rock 33
What does it mean: inner dissatisfaction

dig a pit 56
Meaning of the dream: desire for novelty

dig a hole 55
Description: debts to pay

dig a mine 62
Interpretation of the dream: hostility of the surrounding environment

archaeological dig 85
Translation: fill in difficult relationships

dig the vineyard 58
Dream description: skills in business

dig a field 7
Meaning: physical balance

plenty of mushrooms 68

grill with mushrooms 45

Meatloaf with mushrooms 55

Seeker of mushrooms 78

basket with mushrooms 18

pizza with mushrooms 78

assist an indigent 38
Interpretation of the dream: happy distractions

be a gravedigger 49
Translation: opposition in family

digestion 41
Dream description: changing opinions

good digestion 6
Meaning: adaptation to circumstances

digestion bad 88
Translation of the dream: persecution complex

slow digestion 61
Interpretation: danger of exploitation

difficult digestion 13
Sense of the dream: changing opinions

mushroom 24
What does it mean: Dissolution of companies

indignation 90
Meaning of the dream: you are too impulsive, but you should be more calm and balanced to do well in business

indigent 22
Description: thou shalt well-being from your wisdom

cardigan 32
Interpretation of the dream: It serves a small support

prodigy 79
Translation: great recognition and benefits

attend a prodigy 51
Dream description: great recognition and benefits

see something prodigious monstrous 32
Meaning: sensual pleasures

gravedigger 77
Translation of the dream: much luck on a trip

digger 32
Interpretation: await sad days

mechanical digger 12
Sense of the dream: fair play

use the digger 70
What does it mean: sick passenger

buy digger 75
Meaning of the dream: informed decisions

repair digger 38
Description: haughtiness

mole digging 6
Interpretation of the dream: success in work

digging the garden 23
Translation: pugnacity

digging the vegetable garden 40
Dream description: prudence and diplomacy

a poisonous mushroom 58
Meaning: concerns for the future

verdigris 80
Translation of the dream: family conflicts

spray verdigris 12
Interpretation: family conflicts

stained with verdigris 17
Sense of the dream: incoming correspondence

tool with verdigris 65
What does it mean: need for decision

give it cardigan 72

gold digger 54

civil dignity 8

military dignity 36

moral dignity 78

dignitary 3

mushroom farm 6

fresh mushroom 4

mushroom stew 24

indigestion 22

indigestible 54

digital clock 5

gravedigger digging 72

cardigan handmade 62

mushroom fry 22

porcini mushroom 54