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Difficulties prevent, put obstacles. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream difficulties prevent, put obstacles. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

difficulties prevent, put obstacles 3
Meaning of the dream: an obstacle standing in the way to obtain the object you want

face obstacles 36
Description: temporary obstruction

maneuver between obstacles 20
Interpretation of the dream: complicated situations to solve

overcome obstacles 62
Translation: concrete proposals

encounter difficulties 34
Dream description: economic well-being

support difficulties 68
Meaning: physically fit

conceal difficulties 3
Translation of the dream: progress on the professional level

avoid difficulties 71
Interpretation: impulsive decisions

remove difficulties 46
Sense of the dream: contrasts passengers

prevent 4
What does it mean: an obstacle standing in the way to obtain the object you want

prevent an affair 6
Meaning of the dream: treacherous people to avoid

prevent a marriage 17
Description: right orientation

prevent mother 40
Interpretation of the dream: large capacity

obstacle course 13
Translation: inner conflict

prevent a person 62
Dream description: exuberant fantasy

put obstacle 48
Meaning: waste of money

put the reins 10
Translation of the dream: concerns about an elderly person

put boots 9
Interpretation: safety and precision

put a gag 55
Sense of the dream: threat of disease

put in the grave, bury 42
What does it mean: false joy

put the tablecloth 9
Meaning of the dream: joyful expectation

oppose impediments 84
Description: small gains

put a roof truss 62
Interpretation of the dream: disease

put someone to rest 24
Translation: new interests

put the keys in his pocket 72
Dream description: uncertainty about what to do

put chickpeas in bathroom 46
Meaning: reckless conduct

put a turban on his head 18
Translation of the dream: novelty providential

put labels 21
Interpretation: knowledge to be cultivated

put pants 57
Sense of the dream: supports valid

put crowns 29
What does it mean: inconsistency in work

put sausages 32
Meaning of the dream: beautiful omen

put corals 18
Description: resentment and bitterness

altar and put 23
Interpretation of the dream: Fears passengers

put 17
Translation: He is all in good time

put someone in handcuffs 13
Dream description: concerns

put opposition 81
Meaning: emotional crisis

put a fence 48
Translation of the dream: professional projects

put the wig 29
Interpretation: friendliness friendships

put your feet 8
Sense of the dream: minded

to put on the spurs 12
What does it mean: wait anxiously the success of a deal

put on foot 25
Meaning of the dream: good business and good tidings

put on perfume 58
Description: frivolous thoughts

put your panties 81
Interpretation of the dream: conduct changeable and inconstant

put on lipstick 70
Translation: risky assumptions

put in public 22
Dream description: purchases unwary

endure hardships 77
Meaning: remarkable self-control

put the lie to someone 26
Translation of the dream: tries to control anger

Serve 87
Interpretation: you are satisfied with your work

put a ring 66
Sense of the dream: love relationship

put on pajamas 32
What does it mean: unhappy passion