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Died slap. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream died slap. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

slap 3
Meaning of the dream: you are persecuted

take a slap 6
Description: violent discussion

to slap 14
Interpretation of the dream: aid neighbors

slap had 8
Translation: awards undeserved

slap the spouse 63
Dream description: misunderstanding clarified

slap an enemy 32
Meaning: profitable investment

receive a slap 84
Translation of the dream: something you hurt

popping vat slap 18
Interpretation: firm friendships

give it a shot to punch or slap 7
Sense of the dream: peace and love in the family success in his loves

moose died 33
What does it mean: change of position

deer died 57
Meaning of the dream: rupture of relations

explorer died 48
Description: duties to perform

jockey died 49
Interpretation of the dream: difficult experiences

gendarme died 47
Translation: love and experiences

Wolf died 12
Dream description: victory over enemies

nun died 87
Meaning: sad loss

He died in the coffin 4
Translation of the dream: family sorrows

He died crying 13
Interpretation: negative experience

He died laughing 31
Sense of the dream: Pulse unreasonable

Pope died 85
What does it mean: fluke

stepfather died 42
Meaning of the dream: fertile imagination

Partridge died 9
Description: difficult ascent

infant died 7
Interpretation of the dream: situation perpetually negative

rhinoceros died 41
Translation: inflexible character

priest died 11
Dream description: imminent danger

Bishop died 87
Meaning: violent emotions

beggar died 55
Translation of the dream: upcoming changes in life

died bumpy 83
Interpretation: fear of being attacked

boatman died 35
Sense of the dream: big loss

boxer died 52
What does it mean: return of money

eunuch died 64
Meaning of the dream: at high speed

He died young 68
Description: disturbing facts

warrior died 90
Interpretation of the dream: Breaking with something that hinders us

packer died 48
Translation: unfulfilled desires

emperor died 25
Dream description: persecution

Prince died 48
Meaning: next advantage

archdeacon died 78
Translation of the dream: appreciations hasty

cosmonaut died 62
Interpretation: suspicion baseless

baker died 56
Sense of the dream: Work inconclusive

brother died 50
What does it mean: pleasure

finch died 56
Meaning of the dream: You are maturing

died hug 29
Description: Long and difficult negotiations

He died fleeing 12
Interpretation of the dream: difficult experiences

He died that threatens 55
Translation: useful meetings

died praying 50
Dream description: high hopes

He died screaming 10
Meaning: serenity and joy

He died in hospital 40
Translation of the dream: emotional temperament

He died naked 21
Interpretation: fickle opinions

died outrageous 2
Sense of the dream: changes conducive

mason died 23
What does it mean: impressionability and sensitivity