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Die under operation. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream die under operation. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

operation bag 18
Meaning of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

operation 78
Description: you need to get something or change their habits

eye operation 1
Interpretation of the dream: bad intentions

die invested 3
Translation: sudden change

die of poisoning 53
Dream description: serious concerns

die murdered 26
Meaning: goods thwarted

operation stomach 17
Translation of the dream: solicitude of relatives

operation deal 18
Interpretation: return of a loved one

throat operation 58
Sense of the dream: quarrels with older people

arithmetic operation 81
What does it mean: order and precision

heart operation 34
Meaning of the dream: success of intent

die drowned 41
Description: thriving business

die hanged 86
Interpretation of the dream: good advice from older

die suddenly 32
Translation: arrest of a project

result of an operation 19
Dream description: encouragement and satisfaction

cataract operation 8
Meaning: need to clarify doubts

operation in one ear 50
Translation of the dream: excessive polemical spirit

die 14
Interpretation: health

have an operation 10
Sense of the dream: various unforeseen events

die of passion 7
What does it mean: requited love

die in war 62
Meaning of the dream: victory of intriguing

die in misery 6
Description: advantageous solutions

financial operation 67
Interpretation of the dream: referral of project

see making operation 51
Translation: weakness of character

banking operation 23
Dream description: business unclear and dangerous

die of a heart attack 50
Meaning: favorite trip

die from thirst 4
Translation of the dream: sentimental aspirations

die for fall 65
Interpretation: misgivings

seeing someone die 7
Sense of the dream: abandonment and sadness

die of injury 40
What does it mean: deceptions hidden

Surgery 61
Meaning of the dream: personal affirmation

die of disease 85
Description: good luck

die or chapping 50
Interpretation of the dream: bodes ill

see parents die 24
Translation: sudden misfortune

train operation 27
Dream description: do you want to prove your worth

among die 48
Meaning: you have the right luck

shrink dying 5
Translation of the dream: good health

dying desperate 90
Interpretation: obstacles to overcome

press into operation 3
Sense of the dream: work pay

dying serene 15
What does it mean: prosperity and health

of dying confession 17
Meaning of the dream: imagination and romance

pastor from dying 9
Description: profits and satisfaction

die in childbirth 75
Interpretation of the dream: severe damage and sorrows

surgery to the legs 57
Translation: concerns passing

process put under 73
Dream description: danger of cheating

be under process 44
Meaning: agitated life

white die 78
Translation of the dream: Useful relations

held under arrest 74
Interpretation: practical difficulties

wind to be under 57
Sense of the dream: considerable internal enrichment

bleed to death 8
What does it mean: contrasts with family

Caesarean section 24
Meaning of the dream: disappointment and regret

be under the pergola 31
Description: meeting with the lover

change under her 26
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in family