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Die married. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream die married. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

die murdered 26
Meaning of the dream: goods thwarted

die invested 3
Description: sudden change

hugs married 28
Interpretation of the dream: curiosity

starting married 83
Translation: affirmation slow but sure

honest married 50
Dream description: need for greater prudence

die drowned 41
Meaning: thriving business

die hanged 86
Translation of the dream: good advice from older

die 14
Interpretation: health

married with rich 87
Sense of the dream: good deal in preparation

married nephew 80
What does it mean: happiness

married with ill 11
Meaning of the dream: malignancy on your account

married to elderly 8
Description: misunderstanding between spouses

married with poor 90
Interpretation of the dream: You are suppressing sexual desires or the desire to live for the job fault

married with children 69
Translation: Your judgments are weighted

married 38
Dream description: excellent time for your work

die of injury 40
Meaning: deceptions hidden

die suddenly 32
Translation of the dream: arrest of a project

married with girlfriend 51
Interpretation: superficial knowledge

die of passion 7
Sense of the dream: requited love

married with servants 58
What does it mean: excessive tolerance of others

married with prince 19
Meaning of the dream: contrasts secrets

son married 12
Description: family concerns

die in war 62
Interpretation of the dream: victory of intriguing

die in misery 6
Translation: advantageous solutions

die of a heart attack 50
Dream description: favorite trip

die from thirst 4
Meaning: sentimental aspirations

married with foreign 89
Translation of the dream: excessive intolerance

married with young 11
Interpretation: slanders against you

die of disease 85
Sense of the dream: good luck

married lover 9
What does it mean: uncertain success

die of poisoning 53
Meaning of the dream: serious concerns

seeing someone die 7
Description: abandonment and sadness

die for fall 65
Interpretation of the dream: misgivings

die or chapping 50
Translation: bodes ill

crows for a married man 1
Dream description: suspicion of betrayal by his wife

fall in love with married 75
Meaning: new sympathies

pastor from dying 9
Translation of the dream: profits and satisfaction

of dying confession 17
Interpretation: imagination and romance

married with player 17
Sense of the dream: superficiality of judgment

sister married 13
What does it mean: actions inconsistent

thinking about getting married 25
Meaning of the dream: jealousy and gossip

daughter married 3
Description: measures to be taken

shrink dying 5
Interpretation of the dream: good health

dying desperate 90
Translation: obstacles to overcome

dying serene 15
Dream description: prosperity and health

die in childbirth 75
Meaning: severe damage and sorrows

married couple 21
Translation of the dream: exaggerated alarmism

among die 48
Interpretation: you have the right luck

virgin who marries 8
Sense of the dream: external protection

get married 73
What does it mean: if you are married your marriage in danger