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Die in misery. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream die in misery. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

die in misery 6
Meaning of the dream: advantageous solutions

endure the misery 35
Description: Business Solution

plenty of misery 18

despair by misery 65
Translation: need for discipline

suffer for misery 28

fast for misery 43
Meaning: evolution continues

die suddenly 32
Translation of the dream: arrest of a project

die in war 62
Interpretation: victory of intriguing

die of passion 7

die of poisoning 53
What does it mean: serious concerns

die of a heart attack 50

die of disease 85
Description: good luck

die of injury 40

die for fall 65

die from thirst 4

die or chapping 50
Meaning: bodes ill

seeing someone die 7
Translation of the dream: abandonment and sadness

die drowned 41
Interpretation: thriving business

die invested 3
Sense of the dream: sudden change

die murdered 26
What does it mean: goods thwarted

die 14
Meaning of the dream: health

die in childbirth 75

die hanged 86

see parents die 24
Translation: sudden misfortune

reduced to poverty 14
Dream description: unexpected gain

pastor from dying 9

of dying confession 17

sick dying 5
Interpretation: friendships helpful

child dying 48

smallpox dying 7
What does it mean: fixed ideas

abhor poverty 20

starve 69
Description: malicious gossip

shrink dying 5
Interpretation of the dream: good health

dying desperate 90
Translation: obstacles to overcome

dying serene 15
Dream description: prosperity and health

creature that dies 76

gunsmith dying 60

boatman dying 77

leper who dies 32

gasp of a dying man 19
What does it mean: premonitions

fall into the ground 11
Meaning of the dream: need for more diplomacy

fall into the deception 66
Description: joys sentimental

bleed to death 8

succumb 10
Translation: It gives up easily

deer died 57
Dream description: rupture of relations

warrior died 90

died mayor 67

dead monk 10
Interpretation: positive news

see a dying man 30
Sense of the dream: health hazard

died hug 29

fall into sleep 10
Meaning of the dream: positive increase in energy

He died that threatens 55

fall down stairs 73
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous hazards

He died laughing 31
Translation: Pulse unreasonable

fall into sin 64
Dream description: compromise to avoid

fall in the mud 46
Meaning: changes in future

fall into the net 78
Translation of the dream: inner conflicts

fall into the stream 80
Interpretation: obstacles and contrasts

fall into the grave 56
Sense of the dream: misery, ruin

fall into the water 46

fall into a hole 15
Meaning of the dream: disease

fall into a moat 16
Description: you have fallen into a trap

fall into a ravine 90
Interpretation of the dream: speculation guess

fall into madness 6
Translation: longevity

fall in a puddle 11
Dream description: death of a relative

fall asleep in tram 22
Meaning: happiness in family

fall into an abyss 47
Translation of the dream: reckless action