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Destruction of the earth. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream destruction of the earth. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

heaping earth 75
Meaning of the dream: good news

heaven on earth 75
Description: benefit safe

stepping down to earth 7
Interpretation of the dream: nervous tension

lizard on earth 56
Translation: artificial attitudes

frog on earth 24
Dream description: constructive energy

widen the earth 5
Meaning: You do many debts

Red earth 38
Translation of the dream: anxieties and fears

yellow earth 58
Interpretation: false news

black earth 14
Sense of the dream: melancholy and depression

earth worm 17
What does it mean: business negotiations

clod of earth 4
Meaning of the dream: good omen of winter; bad omen in summer

bless the earth 53

Earth monster 62

Planet earth 11

Earth's crust 29

daubing with earth 54

handful of earth 14

shovelful of earth 20

see a plowman while the earth is plowing 66
Sense of the dream: unexpected aid

extract from the earth turnips 15
What does it mean: foresight

radish extract from the earth 15
Meaning of the dream: foresight

blood flowing to earth 9
Description: great news

turn off the heat of the earth with water 34
Interpretation of the dream: great joy and jubilation

rectangle engraved in the sand or earth 18
Translation: meetings with influential people

earthenware jar 66
Dream description: allegations to avoid dangerous

heartbeat 55
Meaning: hidden love

irregular heartbeat 41
Translation of the dream: exhibitionism exaggerated

earthenware pitcher 79
Interpretation: momentary depressions

learn by heart 21
Sense of the dream: anger and pain

Goodness of heart 24
What does it mean: wealth

hearty dinner 84
Meaning of the dream: joy in family

cramp in the heart 56
Description: anger and resentment

human heart 71
Interpretation of the dream: monotonous work

having heartache 16
Translation: heartbreak

heart animal 28
Dream description: to curb impulsiveness

heart of gold 64
Meaning: objective judgment

silver heart 11
Translation of the dream: dangerous risks

heart 45
Interpretation: Protection valid and safe

heart labored 61
Sense of the dream: reasonableness and consistency

queen of hearts 18
What does it mean: conflicts sentimental

heartbreak 33
Meaning of the dream: desires achievable

heart operation 34
Description: success of intent

hearty meal 7
Interpretation of the dream: compromises dangerous

learn any poetry by heart 6
Translation: vain illusions

palpitation of the heart 75
Dream description: death next

king of hearts 25
Meaning: lust for life

Earthquake shock 62
Translation of the dream: inner blocks

heartless 53
Interpretation: inattention dangerous

earthenware dish 77
Sense of the dream: conquest of goods

earthenware teapot 37
What does it mean: tranquility at home

earthquake 11
Meaning of the dream: inner blocks

earthquake wave 13
Description: concerns for the future

tremulous earthquake 32
Interpretation of the dream: aggressive reactions

distant earthquake 20
Translation: change surprise

earthquake near 7
Dream description: difficulty passing

fireplace or hearth 59
Meaning: joy and serenity

affair of the heart 10

heartbroken 19

sincere heart 32

dishearten 31

earthenware basin 70

good heart 35

earthenware bowl 38

stab in the heart 65

faint of heart 73

unearth ancient things 70

unearth potatoes 38

unearth treasures 47

burning hearth 38

by earthworm gut 16

earthworm ground 56

eaten hearty 67

Heart arid 74

inkstand earthenware 15

coal earthy 15

loving heart 55

Damaged by an earthquake 62

die of a heart attack 50