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Destroy plant. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream destroy plant. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

destroy to pain 28
Meaning of the dream: impulsiveness and nervousness

destroy love 51
Description: need for prudence in speech

destroy weapons 25
Interpretation of the dream: luck

destroy a plea 39
Translation: severe loss

destroy a house 32
Dream description: uncertainty and depression

destroy an object 90
Meaning: dangerous situation

destroy their homes 4
Translation of the dream: quarrels with relatives

to destroy 30
Interpretation: fortune

plant verbena 56
Sense of the dream: fluke

dry plant 70
What does it mean: likely misunderstandings

destroying a hornets nest 51
Meaning of the dream: changes to be made

sever a plant 24
Description: waste of money

plant thorn 40
Interpretation of the dream: health

wormwood plant 52
Translation: kindness of friends

plant bud 16
Dream description: decisions guess

wilting plant 27
Meaning: you have to correct a major error

design plant 64
Translation of the dream: bitter internal conflict

plant saffron 70
Interpretation: great illusions

knapweed plant 5
Sense of the dream: long life

plant in the ground 38
What does it mean: new experience

plant shadow 76
Meaning of the dream: combativeness

rhubarb plant 60
Description: unexpected bonus

lupines on plant 62
Interpretation of the dream: favorable opportunities

plant parsley 13
Translation: happiness in family

poison plant 73
Dream description: situation not to force

Maple (plant) 9
Meaning: enjoyment

small plant 79
Translation of the dream: adventurous temperament

pullulation plant 42
Interpretation: renovation

vanilla plant 22
Sense of the dream: impromptu welcome

destroying a document 12
What does it mean: deal that goes up in smoke

geranium plant 27
Meaning of the dream: earnings

hundred leaves (plant) 13
Description: you will be disillusioned

plant 7
Interpretation of the dream: fertility, spiritual development, growth or growth potential

plant with flowers 19
Translation: unforeseen events

see a melissa (plant) 17
Dream description: incautious purchases and damages related

little seedling plant 88
Meaning: many meetings with women

dahlia on plant 3
Translation of the dream: promises and hopes

Rosemary on plant 6
Interpretation: dispersive activities

acanthus herbaceous plant 9
Sense of the dream: okay

passionflower, therapeutic plant 44
What does it mean: go to very useful and peaceful period

will plant 32
Meaning of the dream: experiences to build on

collect a Larkspur (plant) 3
Description: loves passengers

grow plant 27
Interpretation of the dream: money

aquatic plant 33
Translation: sensitive nature

bean plant 16
Dream description: good business

vase with a plant 51
Meaning: new horizons

flax plant 30
Translation of the dream: fickle nature

carnivorous plant 57
Interpretation: you need your partner

plant wheat 25
Sense of the dream: family welfare

green plant 84
What does it mean: deserved recognition

sunflower plant 41
Meaning of the dream: dispersion of forces

milfoil (plant) 78
Description: joy

pot plant 80
Interpretation of the dream: changes conducive

see the lotus plant 41
Translation: you have something to behold