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Design lawn. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream design lawn. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mow a lawn 71
Meaning of the dream: vanity

raking a lawn 56
Description: non-resistance

school design 73
Interpretation of the dream: rights to be defended

design plant 64
Translation: bitter internal conflict

fertilize your lawn 18
Dream description: material well-being

across the lawn 26
Meaning: pleasant novelty

lawn 11
Translation of the dream: You are taking time to appreciate your accomplishments

lawn with animals 8
Interpretation: pleasant surprise

a green lawn 76
Sense of the dream: invitation welcome

weeding a lawn 4
What does it mean: ability to exploit

to design 4
Meaning of the dream: try your luck in unsuitable location

design a lottery 58
Description: tries to fantasize less

lawn with chickens 60
Interpretation of the dream: do not trust some people

lawn with oxen 71
Translation: harmful habits

lawn with sheep 17
Dream description: good omen

lawn potato 33
Meaning: creativity profitable

lawn with donkeys 30
Translation of the dream: you are pleasing

design a theft 56
Interpretation: dangerous hazards

design a building 89
Sense of the dream: unnecessary fears

lawn cut 70
What does it mean: sad isolation

lawn with pigs 41
Meaning of the dream: negative attitudes

Design a room 53
Description: complications in family

design a crime 47
Interpretation of the dream: danger of leakage

designing a walk 63
Translation: material well-being

trace a drawing 84
Dream description: concessions to do

project 1
Meaning: try your luck in unsuitable location

devise good 59
Translation of the dream: waste of money

mix a project 73
Interpretation: imprudence dangerous

improve project 84
Sense of the dream: easy discouragement

approving project 86
What does it mean: small loss of money

accurate project 84
Meaning of the dream: small defeat

communicate a project 8
Description: new social relations

realize a project 50
Interpretation of the dream: desire for freedom

a rational project 11
Translation: many contrasts

venture a project 19
Dream description: joy and happiness

consent to a project 17
Meaning: lack of energy

drawing 42
Translation of the dream: proposal to be rejected

designed puppet 48
Interpretation: physical fatigue

designed tapestry 46
Sense of the dream: success and sympathies

mowing the grass 18
What does it mean: economic improvements

meadow with grass 67
Meaning of the dream: illusions and hopes

join a project 28
Description: happiness satisfied

study a project 43
Interpretation of the dream: spirit of contradiction

draft a project 23
Translation: deception

revive a project 18
Dream description: Good ideas

draft 44
Meaning: curiosity

backyard 19
Translation of the dream: hopes that come true

cool courtyard 16
Interpretation: you feel limited

lawnmower 16
Sense of the dream: positive change

planetary 69
What does it mean: bickering with your loved one

diagram 41
Meaning of the dream: you want to freely enjoy what life has to offer

yet designed 25
Description: affective inconstancy

bring rosette 19
Interpretation of the dream: willpower

drawing board 32
Translation: impulsive decision

mark designs 35
Dream description: submission in business