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Design lady. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream design lady. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

school design 73
Meaning of the dream: rights to be defended

design plant 64
Description: bitter internal conflict

lady work 45
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts clarified

lady flower 19
Translation: new responsibilities

lady courted 86
Dream description: great recognition and benefits

lady to dance 63
Meaning: excessive ambitions

game of the lady 2
Translation of the dream: pleasure, delight, approaching

lady fainted 65
Interpretation: welfare

beautiful lady 89
Sense of the dream: nervous tension

woo a lady 18
What does it mean: malicious gossip

lady 33
Meaning of the dream: chatter at home

lady pictures 20
Description: errors of assessment

lady to the toilet 77
Interpretation of the dream: Success in business

lady on the balcony 74
Translation: You will face the situation in the right way

to design 4
Dream description: try your luck in unsuitable location

hairdresser for lady 35
Meaning: passion of love

lady at a party 36
Translation of the dream: successes

kiss a lady 22
Interpretation: You meet a long window of opportunity to your business

the lady who cries 29
Sense of the dream: something important will happen

design a theft 56
What does it mean: dangerous hazards

design a lottery 58
Meaning of the dream: tries to fantasize less

elegant lady 49
Description: emotion and passion

lady in waiting 88
Interpretation of the dream: inconsiderate attitudes

design a building 89
Translation: unnecessary fears

receiving a gift from a great lady 3
Dream description: change in fortune

Design a room 53
Meaning: complications in family

design a crime 47
Translation of the dream: danger of leakage

Our Lady of Fatima 15
Interpretation: spiritual rapprochement

designing a walk 63
Sense of the dream: material well-being

young lady 67
What does it mean: voluptuousness

play checkers 42
Meaning of the dream: voluptuousness

queen of hearts 18
Description: conflicts sentimental

89 - Smorfia classic: elderly lady 89

drawing 42
Translation: proposal to be rejected

designed puppet 48
Dream description: physical fatigue

designed tapestry 46
Meaning: success and sympathies

Lady Luck 75
Translation of the dream: successes in work

sidesaddle 50
Interpretation: iron will

gallantry with the ladies 44
Sense of the dream: satisfaction and good health

ladies into flames cruelly tortured 6
What does it mean: sadness and regret boredom melancholy and illness

draft 44
Meaning of the dream: curiosity

diagram 41
Description: you want to freely enjoy what life has to offer

planetary 69
Interpretation of the dream: bickering with your loved one

mark designs 35
Translation: submission in business

bring rosette 19
Dream description: willpower

project 1
Meaning: try your luck in unsuitable location

yet designed 25
Translation of the dream: affective inconstancy

folder drawing 43
Interpretation: Unbiased hotel reviews

distribute rosette 40
Sense of the dream: intentions ambiguous

drawing coal 67
What does it mean: frustrated ambition

stole from Mrs. 75
Meaning of the dream: argument and discussion

color a drawing 46
Description: your imagination makes you see things different from what they really are