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Deserter arrested. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream deserter arrested. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

deserter arrested 64

deserter 8

fighter deserter 63
Interpretation of the dream: threats from enemies

deserter shot 44

deserter jailed 44

deserter surprise a secret 50
Meaning: news of an absent, sadness

arrested 7
Translation of the dream: feelings of guilt

anarchist arrested 75
Interpretation: bad advisers

father arrested 9
Sense of the dream: marriage thwarted

mother arrested 26
What does it mean: neglect of friends

brother arrested 60
Meaning of the dream: stop in business

friend arrested 27
Description: persecution of enemies

enemy arrested 53
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows by children

man arrested 2
Translation: reconciliation with a friend

woman arrested 9
Dream description: loss of prestige

murderess arrested 33
Meaning: quarrels and gossip

bandit arrested 25
Translation of the dream: improvised Friends

pickpocket arrested 26
Interpretation: desire to escape

cashier arrested 59
Sense of the dream: unbridled ambition

quack arrested 19
What does it mean: intimate satisfactions

smuggler arrested 53
Meaning of the dream: arbitrary judgments

parricide arrested 85
Description: sorrows and mishaps

usurer arrested 62
Interpretation of the dream: vanity satisfied

dipper arrested 89

lurking arrested 62

lawyer arrested 83

cheat arrested 26

mocking arrested 54

bigamist arrested 52

haired arrested 63

kleptomaniac arrested 53

Colonel arrested 82

commander arrested 43

committed arrested 28

accomplice arrested 47

whistleblower arrested 8

Democrat arrested 31

custodian arrested 35

depraved arrested 4

arrested factor 86

youth arrested 51

drifter arrested 7

naked arrested 51

dodger arrested 39

English arrested 53

thief arrested 90

mafia arrested 62

abuser arrested 64

appropriator arrested 29

archivist arrested 53

owner arrested 15

arrested innocent 70

arrested for sentencing 31

arrested for theft 89

arrested for offense 78

arrested for murder 28

arrested for lawsuit 13

arrested for fraud 4

arrested for violence 43

assailant arrested 55

insurer arrested 56

activist arrested 24

driver arrested 53

cadet arrested 8

policeman arrested 24

with policeman arrested 8

palmist arrested 36

conspirator arrested 75

coiner arrested 3

consumer arrested 58

counterfeiter arrested 44

offender arrested 78

bomber arrested 78

monetary arrested 75

young girl arrested 15

facilitate an arrest 43
Meaning: fortune and gain

arrest 47
Translation of the dream: imprisonment

arrest or prisoner 3
Interpretation: sorrow and misery or joy late

thirst round (desert) 64
Sense of the dream: you ll go a lot better in your next business

caravan in the desert 81
What does it mean: circumstances of fortune

deserted district 45
Meaning of the dream: lack of initiative

held under arrest 74
Description: practical difficulties

deserted house 46
Interpretation of the dream: illusions of love

caravan lost in the desert 56
Translation: meeting helpful

desert landscape 50
Dream description: bitter disappointment

desert sand 62
Meaning: unjustified mistrust

land in a desert island 8
Translation of the dream: heartbreak

desert vegetation 37
Interpretation: small complications

deserted street 22
Sense of the dream: unfounded fears

deserted villa 12
What does it mean: momentary sadness

walking in the desert 3
Meaning of the dream: you re depressed, unmotivated

see the desert 49
Description: pessimism

lost in the desert 11
Interpretation of the dream: suffer much for your insulation

look for water in the desert 18
Translation: live completely out of this world

see animals in the desert 36
Dream description: fear, despair

camel in the desert 4

desert casino 47

desert with animals 27

desert with scouts 6

arrest of the debtor 11