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Departure to greece. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream departure to Greece. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Greece 4
Meaning of the dream: You want the good life

departure of relatives 29
Description: difficulty passing

departure of soldiers 88
Interpretation of the dream: important letter coming

departure of the ship 68
Translation: work still long and tiring

sudden departure 34
Dream description: hard work

departure of aircraft 59
Meaning: amorous adventures

differ departure 8
Translation of the dream: malicious gossip

postpone a departure 8
Interpretation: gossip and slander

grieve for a departure 5
Sense of the dream: tenacious rancor

early departure 26
What does it mean: fanciful dreams

cheerfulness for a departure 2
Meaning of the dream: attention to the throat

departure 22
Description: await new experiences

exit from dump 62
Interpretation of the dream: nice relationship

train departing 40
Translation: minded

exit 23
Dream description: await new experiences

exit room 23
Meaning: money lost

starting signal 53
Translation of the dream: vivid imagination

wagon departing 81
Interpretation: exciting adventure

starting line 26
Sense of the dream: awaits a difficult test

airport with planes departing 84
What does it mean: good resolutions

track with train departing 75
Meaning of the dream: nice trip

look for a way out 22
Description: secret fears

Deadend road 66
Interpretation of the dream: someone restricts you in love or in business

exit from the antrum 71
Translation: increasing energy

emergency exit 9
Dream description: active life

starting married 83
Meaning: affirmation slow but sure

delaying a start 86
Translation of the dream: anxiety secret

starting whistle 21
Interpretation: right choice and prudent

leaving for the holidays 80
Sense of the dream: ambitious desires

deciding a start 11
What does it mean: lack of sincerity

go to the airport to leave 66
Meaning of the dream: liberation from weights

move to pity 18
Description: you're too sensitive

to wander from one place to another 80
Interpretation of the dream: search of truth

to get engaged 79
Translation: pleasant trip

call to dinner 12
Dream description: enthusiasm shared

to spring 74
Meaning: Good luck in the hunt

starting gear for soldiers 76
Translation of the dream: fortune in businesses

to style 16
Interpretation: tiring ascent

reduced to dust 38
Sense of the dream: small disappointment

Race to school 38
What does it mean: loneliness

listen to men 26
Meaning of the dream: dishonor

invite to walking 52
Description: heavy thoughts

to toast bread 15
Interpretation of the dream: abundance

back to horse 67
Translation: personal prestige

delivered to barracks 12
Dream description: to strengthen ties

delivered to prison 44
Meaning: financial backers

turn to florence 49
Translation of the dream: romantic period

report to a friend 26
Interpretation: quarrels of love

inclination to dance 43
Sense of the dream: favorite trip

to the perpetual 69
What does it mean: you will have many things to discover

lead to evil 61
Meaning of the dream: need protection

go to report 68
Description: concessions decisive

retire to the country 53
Interpretation of the dream: disillusion