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Deny the rest. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream deny the rest. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

forget the rest 66
Meaning of the dream: satisfaction by a young

wait for the rest 75
Description: complex to be overcome

leave the rest 14
Interpretation of the dream: passion contrasted

deny words 11
Translation: excessive sentimentality

deny hearing 85
Dream description: doubts and jealousy

rest on couches 27
Meaning: long-term commitments

deny the father 28
Translation of the dream: repair to give

oddment 46
Interpretation: need for extreme caution in circumstances apparently easy and pleasant

deny a woman 16
Sense of the dream: intuition to follow

to deny 7
What does it mean: you will be bitterly disillusioned

deny the mother 82
Meaning of the dream: nasty comments

deny an oath 32
Description: unpleasant encounter

take rest 26
Interpretation of the dream: anxiety and emotion

deny a relative 45
Translation: return of money

deny a doctrine 87
Dream description: low intelligence

deny friendship 81
Meaning: lack of understanding

deny a spouse 6
Translation of the dream: momentary embarrassment

deny a promise 54
Interpretation: opportunities that fades

deny an opinion 58
Sense of the dream: unfair competition

denying the truth 52
What does it mean: collaboration countered

see reapers in rest 67
Meaning of the dream: penury

remnant 79
Description: ingratitude of children

heal with rest 26
Interpretation of the dream: you have a few trusted friends

rest in an oasis 43
Translation: overcome difficulties

denying their faith 28
Dream description: presumption and ignorance

repose 36
Meaning: well-being and tranquility of mind

Workers at rest 5
Translation of the dream: famine, loss of property and wife

rest on their laurels 26
Interpretation: balance

rest in the garden 71
Sense of the dream: changing situation

yard at rest 73
What does it mean: new proposals

masons at rest 41
Meaning of the dream: business stagnation

remnant white 84
Description: incoming letter

bold at rest 21
Interpretation of the dream: serious inconveniences

remnant fantasy 16
Translation: new ideas to be realized

work without rest 80
Dream description: decrease of vitality

hours of rest 79
Meaning: happiness at home

put someone to rest 24
Translation of the dream: new interests

go to rest 17
Interpretation: needs exaggerated

receiving a denial 2
Sense of the dream: bad luck is passing

excommunication 54
What does it mean: good health

remains of merchandise 54
Meaning of the dream: triumph of hostilities

be refused 41
Description: suffer from oppression

Love refused 37
Interpretation of the dream: moral pleasures

refused citizenship 68
Translation: novelties from afar

Justice denied 48
Dream description: be modest and humble

refuse responsibility 12
Meaning: exaggerated claims

relaxation 59
Translation of the dream: need for extreme caution in circumstances apparently easy and pleasant

to decline 47
Interpretation: moral pleasures

stay away 41
Sense of the dream: difficulties to be faced

Vacation at sea 71
What does it mean: unfounded suspicions

vacationing in the mountains 13
Meaning of the dream: Invitations welcome and pleasant

laze at home 30
Description: imaginative wishes

reject food 48
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions secrets