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Dementia. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dementia. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dementia 15
Meaning of the dream: hard work and effort

have amnesia 35
Description: stress

losing my mind 17
Interpretation of the dream: depression

mental effort 19
Translation: overactive imagination

Abbess sick 26
Dream description: denotes joy

embrace a sick 13
Meaning: Deception by friends

slump for illness 54
Translation of the dream: good health

light a beacon 5
Interpretation: location uncertain

airplane bombing 42
Sense of the dream: reversals of fortune

freeze for disease 29
What does it mean: gift on arrival

aggravation of disease 73
Meaning of the dream: true friendship

Great Dane sick 8
Description: unnecessary waiting

stay sick 33
Interpretation of the dream: trouble from relatives

assist sick 75
Translation: good health

see sick 78
Dream description: coldness in love

visit sick 64
Meaning: liberation from regret

touch sick 16
Translation of the dream: serenity disturbed

sick dying 5
Interpretation: friendships helpful

sick wounded 42
Sense of the dream: sensuality exaggerated

sick at the hospital 45
What does it mean: sudden trip

sick at home 76
Meaning of the dream: struggles with relatives

sick on stretchers 50
Description: exploitation by friends

sick to your doctor 13
Interpretation of the dream: danger of leakage

sick with the priest 90
Translation: Dangerous Liaisons

sick with the nun 23
Dream description: good marriages

sick sleeping 56
Meaning: conquest of goods

sick operated 86
Translation of the dream: momentary separation

sick that raves 8
Interpretation: bad friendships

sick eating 33
Sense of the dream: shrewdness

sick who laughs 51
What does it mean: dangerous presumption

sick crying 86
Meaning of the dream: growth of assets

sick with bandages 58
Description: support effective

be seriously ill 22
Interpretation of the dream: acute powers of observation

killing for disease 74
Translation: statement of their views

anus sick 47
Dream description: overcome by grief

anxious for a disease 67
Meaning: distrust of friends

open 81
Translation of the dream: disillusion loving

open the eyes 29
Interpretation: disillusion loving

open your mouth 3
Sense of the dream: vanity punished

open arms 27
What does it mean: fights with enemies

open the window 35
Meaning of the dream: Good news coming

open shutters 18
Description: serious danger averted

open a door or gate 5
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with neighbors

open a book 64
Translation: purchase of favors

open a safe 56
Dream description: waste of money

open a chest 44
Meaning: protections for the elderly

open a letter 24
Translation of the dream: hopes dashed

open wardrobe 9
Interpretation: next ailments

act of repentance 17
Sense of the dream: complete serenity

nurse, nanny or babysitter 4
What does it mean: desire for love

nurse that breastfeeds 15
Meaning of the dream: prosperity made

get up the collar 18
Description: sense of justice

mouth open 86
Interpretation of the dream: continuous contrasts

not being able to open the mouth 53
Translation: recklessness in danger

bombing 22
Dream description: heavy responsibility

aerial bombardment 61
Meaning: exaggerated pride